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Home test kits and general chatter

Posted 07 November 2017 17:23:37(UTC)

Hi all,

I am new to this forum.


What brought me here? Well i have as an adult male always been aware of the prostate and that it can get problematic


I have a family friend who has BPH and has been on regular checkups. He has meds to assist with urinary flow etc and they are now thinking of doing what i believe will be a TURP.


As part of it, his PSA level has been monitored.


So being 50 i decided i should focus a bit more on this area.


Maybe 6 years ago i used a self test kit with a negative result. I didnt know what the trigger levels might be etc

I have no symptoms but was considering a home test kit again (as seen on ebay-advertised as GP test kits). I have done plenty of reading on whether or not to test etc and have come to the conclusion that you can decide not to test and just watch for any symptoms OR test regularly. 


Surely if you dont test and just be watchful for symptoms, any disease will have progressed further to be symptomatic?



Is the kit available the same as used in GP surgery or do they actually send sample to lab?

What are the trigger levels for a pos result for such kits?


What are normal PSA levels and what is deemed abnormal/red flag?



Posted 07 November 2017 23:23:46(UTC)

Hi, welcome, but sorry you’re here. I wouldn’t recommend Home kits at your age you should be having PSA blood tests via your GP, and yes they are sent to a lab and the result could be days or a week.
Normal levels, I would say that anything over 5 at your age needs further investigation. It’s normally followed by a DRE, D igit up R ectum E xamination that feels the Prostate.

Feel free to ask anything any time.


Posted 07 November 2017 23:44:42(UTC)

For a 50 year old, the PSA should be around 2.0 and anything over 3.0 needs further exploration with a specialist. On the other hand, we have had men on here with PSA of 70 or 80 and no cancer, and men with PSA around the 100 mark but it hadn't spread so home test kits are worthless I am afraid. The GP doesn't use a blood test alone - feeling the prostate to check that it is soft, smooth and approximately the right size is an essential part of the check. It is true that many men have no symptoms at all, which is one of the reasons that British men are so often diagnosed at a very late stage when it has already spread and become incurable.

My husband was 50 at diagnosis with a small prostate and a PSA of 3.1 but it had spread to his bladder.

"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." Soren Kierkegaard

Posted 08 November 2017 07:43:53(UTC)

Thanks for correcting me Lyn.

Posted 08 November 2017 09:02:09(UTC)

Sorry Exbus - I didn't know I had! Started writing a response, went off to make a cup of tea, came back and posted. You must have replied while my kettle was boiling :-/
"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." Soren Kierkegaard

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Posted 09 November 2017 11:04:48(UTC)

Thanks all,
I've done a fair bit of reading on this and im just concerned about obtaining a lab reading which may set off a train of investigations which may cause un-necessary anxiety and prove negative or inconclusive.

I'm not entirely sure as to the provenance of self test kits as advertised as GP test kits. This seems to suggest they are used in GP practice which may or may not be the case. Do GP surgery use cassette type tests or do they always blood sample and lab?

DREs.. i wonder how many DREs the average GP does? Would it be better to maybe get a private ref to a urologist who has felt a whole lot more of them?

What are thoughts on self DRE?

Isnt this all about setting an initial base line of /dre and //psa so that its a monitor for change thing?


PS im just being vigilante and have no symptoms or suggestions that i may have an issue.

Posted 09 November 2017 16:50:34(UTC)

Noleaky, testing for PCa is not a job for a bungling amateur. I'm not even sure that I would rely on a GP. Leave this to the health professionals - Urologists and Oncologists, for your life's sake!

Posted 09 November 2017 17:42:07(UTC)

The Home Test Kit says:-
The screening test relies upon detection in a biological system therefore it is possible that it may not be 100% accurate in every case, it goes on to say, In the case of unexpected results or symptoms consult your doctor or pharmacist for advice.

My question, which is why I’ve still got one, now well past it’s date, is why it only gives a mark over or under 4ng/ml so how would you know of any unexpected results?

Always ask your GP for a PSA blood test.

PS, Self DRE, you must be joking! I hope I’ve only taken it out of context or misconstrued your comment.

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