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Anyone had chemo for high risk locally advanced?

Posted 06 Aug 2018 at 17:53

Hello and all the best to everyone. I wondered if anyone has had or been offered chemo (docetaxel) with a diagnosis of high risk locally advanced (into pelvic lymph nodes) PC? Hormone therapy started a month ago. It has been suggested that this would be the best treatment option but I think the current plan is radiotherapy. I think it seems to depend on whether it is thought that the PC may be on the boundary of metastatic or not - but I may be wrong. Would be grateful for any feedback before the next consultant's appointment. Thank you.

Posted 06 Aug 2018 at 20:16
You may want to click my picture and read my profile. I was G9T4N1MxR1 at surgery but they didn’t know it. They only found out on pathology. I think treatment plans differ depending on where you are and who your Oncologist is. The reason I’ve never accepted RT after surgery is because they believe it’s metastatic and won’t offer cure. However they still want me to have it and I believe they aren’t offering anything else because I’ve refused it. But if you were to read my story you’d realise I’ve been so traumatized by the entire process that I’m more than happy being left alone having recovered well from surgery 3 yrs ago. Maybe in your case they are hoping for cure with RT and HT alone , and wouldn’t offer Chemo unless it failed. I think when a cure path has failed they can then offer early Chemo with HT which can make the HT more effective and last longer

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Posted 06 Aug 2018 at 21:05

Hi Caron,
Things are moving very quickly in terms of chemo and prostate cancer. Until maybe 4 years ago, it was only given to men in the final stages of the disease when all other treatments had failed and the hope was that it would reduce some of the symptoms for a short time. Chemo cannot cure hormone based cancers in the same way as it can cure leukemia, etc. The big breakthrough was realising that chemo given earlier to a man with advanced PCa could make the hormone treatments work better and for longer, and we have seen some stunning results even just among members here. However, the new thinking was all about men with advanced cancer with mets ie who are incurable.

I have recently read a couple of papers by oncologists who think that introducing chemo early to men who have locally advanced cancer may improve the likelihood of RT/HT being curative but there is no specific trial running and no data at the minute. I can think of only two or three members on here that are on curative chemo / RT / HT which gives you an idea of how new it is as a concept.

I suppose the issue for you is who suggested it? Was it the onco or a well-meaning lay person? If it was the onco, I would ask them why they are suggesting what is still an unusual route, whether it is part of a trial or they have seen or read something that suggests it would be a good approach, and why they think it is right for your OH. Keep in mind that chemo is quite a dangerous treatment with its own risks but that some men tolerate docetaxel extremely well.

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Posted 06 Aug 2018 at 22:31

Hi Caron

My OH was diagnosed with locally advanced prostate cancer in march. He is on hormone treatment and was offered docetaxel (chemo) he is also on the stampede trial. We were led to believe early chemo with HT has been shown to increase life expectancy by 2 years. 

Hope this helps

Thanks Karen

Posted 06 Aug 2018 at 23:37

Hi Caron, my OH was told by the urologist, that they were going to throw the kitchen sink at the cancer, he had a starting psa of 135, 3tb N0 M0, Dec 15. He is on 12 weekly prostrap, had chemo and radiotherapy, When we first saw the oncologist, he thought it was likely he had micro mets. The last few his psa has started to rise again, had PET scan last week, MDT meeting tomorrow to discuss results.

Good luck



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Posted 07 Aug 2018 at 17:22

Hi Caron,

             I was given chemo with HT and 37 sessions of radiotherapy....I was diagnosed with T3bN0Mo  Gleason 8...3+5 and with a psa of 24.6,all scans clear and cancer contained in the prostate but with the cancer heading towards the bladder.......the biopsy Dr hit 12 out of 12 all with his needle,cancer in all samples...I was told that they suspected micro mets and that's why there going to throw the kitchen sink at it.......all with curative intent..

             I tolerated the chemo quite well, I worked most of the way through it, even through most of the radiotherapy. The HT  was the problem for me. I am now office bound, I had a very manual job but I do not have the energy for that right now......Just finished the HT...30 months on that in total...psa at last check was 0.03, next psa test is beginning of Oct.

             I can honestly say, I feel that I have had been given the best chance to beat this.

            Fingers crossed


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