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My dad has been diagnosed today totally devastated

Posted 03 March 2017 19:39:56(UTC)
I am totally devasted, his PSA was only 4.65 something but MRI shows a tumor on the left hand side, so my dad had biopsy done. Dad got a phone call from doctor saying the report is not good and he has cancer, we are going to see the doctor on Monday for more details.
Posted 05 March 2017 15:27:18(UTC)

Well, firstly welcome to this site. Being diagnosed with PCa is not a life sentence but it is still a worry, with a PSA that low I'm pleased that the Cancer has been found. Have you downloaded or sent for the "Toolkit" from PCUK it has some valuable advice.

Hope tomorrow's meeting at the Doctors goes well, take notes of what's said and try to write down whatever numbers you're given, as it helps us on here to try to help you.

If you want to check on whatever treatment any of us have had then just click on the picture and you can see our profiles.

God Bless
Chris (exbus)

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Posted 05 March 2017 15:40:46(UTC)

Hi Little Red

So sorry for the circumstances that bring you here but I'm sure you will find lots of support, empathy and information. Everyone on this site will know how you are feeling - most will probably agree that this is perhaps the toughest part when you have a bit of a diagnosis but no facts or treatment plan in place to calm your fears. It is really tough but, as Chris says, it sounds as if the cancer has been found early so there will be lots of options to manage the disease and keep it in check.

Mad to say don't worry of course, but there are plenty of men on this site whose PSA was in the 100s or even the 1000s when they were diagnosed and they  are still going strong.

Do write down all the information you receive tomorrow and then you can update your Dad's profile. That will help forum members to give you good advice about their own similar experiences. You can also contact the specialist nurses by phone, email or live chat - they are wonderfully knowledgeable and supportive.

Good luck tomorrow - do let us know how you get on. Will be thinking of you.

Best wishes



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Posted 16 April 2017 07:33:25(UTC)

Sorry to hear about your Dad, but as a previous reply says there will be lots of advice and support available. My Dad was diagnosed at 85 years old in 2012. He had various treatments and my only suggestion is that when you meet with your Doctor, you record what is said perhaps on your phone. This helped us as a family to understand what was required and to make sure there was no misunderstandings. My dad sadly passed away aged 89 in December 2016. But he put up a fight. All I can say is try every option available.

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Posted 18 April 2017 16:29:38(UTC)

Sorry to hear about your dad. My PSA was 4.1. I've had Brachytherapy and my PSA is now 1.6.

There is lots of help and advice available.

Not sure if you can see my email address but I'd be happy to talk to you. If you'd like to talk write a replay and we'll see if we can sort something out.


Posted 18 April 2017 19:40:50(UTC)

Hi Little Red
I think you have been told by everybody above that firstly you are not alone, we sometimes forget about the family and concentrate on the sufferer but all the family suffer, so please look around the site, there is so much support on here for both you and your Dad, and as already been stated, it seems they have diagnosed his PC at a very early stage so the options are numerous, and just remember the majority of PC sufferers dont even know they have the disease and i think its about 95% of men do not die of PC but of other conditions, or just plain old age.
For me this meant that if iwas to get any cancer then PC was probably the least likely to kill me. it is a very curable disease, so good luck to you and your Dad on this journey, but remember we are all here to help.
Good Luck

Posted 03 July 2017 11:25:30(UTC)

Sorry to hear your news but dont give in, I was diagnosed almost 6 years ago, stage 4 with a PSA of mid 30s, do some research, theres lots of complimentary things you can try alongside the prescribed medications, I recently had a 7 week course of radiotherapy, my PSA is now down to 4.5, oncologist has suggested they may stop my meds if it carries on going down. One other thing is tell your dad to stay positive, I feel it has helped me on my journey.

Wishing you all the best,


Posted 31 July 2017 11:49:21(UTC)

Understand how you feel, my husband was diagnosed 2 years ago, totally out the blue, and we were shell-shocked. But there is lots of hope and lots of support. When you say 'tumour on the left hand side' do you mean of the prostate itself? There is the specialist nurse phone service here , you might find that useful too.

My husband is doing really well after surgery and radiotherapy which he had access to as part of a clinical trial called 'RADICALS' - do ask about what clinical research is going on at the hospital or elsewhere that might be useful -a really important question but people may not think of it at the start.

Take several deep breaths, write everything down, read up ( great info here and on Macmillan site), ask ANY question you have - tell them your worries - no question or worry is silly. They will have heard it all before! Your Dr /twam will probably have one or more clinical nurse specialists( CNS) - they can be a lifeline - so do ask about that if you have not met that person yet.

Posted 25 January 2018 12:55:10(UTC)
Sorry to hear about your Dad.....my PSA was similar first one was 4.6 second 4.7 I then had an MRI which was “suspicious” so I had a biopsy a week ago today. I’m going in to see my consultant on Monday for my results....hoping that there’s nothing there but concerned; the wait g is tough
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