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Dad diagnosed- devastated

Posted 08 Jun 2018 at 21:57

Hello there. 

My dad has been diagnosed with prostate cancer after having a psa of 180. We are all devastated. I have done nothing but read and read about prostate cancer for the past week and had prepared for the worst once I had found out his psa level.

He has since had an MRI to see whether the cancer had spread anywhere else and the results were not clear. The urologist saw "shadows" in the scan but couldn't say for certain whether the cancer had spread because his blood results (separate ones) suggest that it hasn't gone to the bone....? We waited all week for those scan results and still none the wiser. But with a psa of 180 it's pretty likely to have spread right? His DRE was noted as very enlarged and "firm".

My dad has been put on tablets and then in two weeks time will have a biopsy and then an injection (hormone boost??) then bone scan to check for any bone metastasis.

The urologist mentioned that operation is not possible due to prostate size (but if it is contained, can this still not be an option?) and chemo to begin with. Is this normal protocol? 

Just so confused and upset and I feel heartbroken.

any advice welcome. Thank you for reading this far!

Posted 09 Jun 2018 at 15:56
Tes, we know nothing about your Dad's diagnosis, save the PSA. When the biopsy has been done you will be better informed. The injection is not a hormone boost! The reverse. The idea is to shrink the prostate so far as possible before other treatment begins. This is done by taking out the testosterone on which the PCa feeds. A big prostate means that it would be very difficult to cleanly separate the prostate from adjacent organs.

Now, you must relax and look forward with hope rather than fearing the worst. You will soon be better informed and quite possibly learn that your Dad has years of fulfilling life ahead of him. For example, nearly eleven years ago, I was diagnosed with a Gleason 9 PCa and pretty high PSA (in the 60s). At nearly 75, I'm not done yet, by a long chalk. My advice, wait until you have all the facts then plan for the future. Meantime, try not to scare yourself with worst case scenarios courtesy of Dr Google.

Good Luck

Posted 09 Jun 2018 at 18:53

Hello AC,

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. And thank you for sharing your story- that is amazing! 11 years is excellent and I wish you continued success on your journey.

Just a very scary time for us and just can't see the wood through the trees at the moment. I just thought we would have known more from the MRI but that didn't seem to inform us much extra. I understand that psa is just a fraction of the whole picture but it's still a scary number.

is chemo often offered first or is that for advanced prostate cancers? 

Will hope for the best with the next tests and results and pray his treatment path is successful. 

So much to take in.


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