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Prostatitis and PC

Posted 10 October 2014 08:00:35(UTC)

Hi all 

Diagnosed PC in January with a Gleason of 6 and PSA results ranging between 6-7. 

However, been having lots of problems re lower tummy pain, groin ache, urgent peeing with rubbish flow coupled with general aches and pains.  Been reading through the various documentation with this site and it looks very much like Prostatitis type symptoms.  I am off to the doctors on Monday as am suffering with lack of sleep and fatigue associated with this.  Does this ring a bell with anyone? 

Posted 22 October 2014 15:36:18(UTC)

Yes. I have similar symptoms and have had prostatitis in the past. Do you also have nausea and sweating? I do. Have been on ciprofloxacin antibiotics but they haven't worked. Prostate cancer UK is sending me a booklet with suggestions for treatments / antibiotics. Don't like going to the doctor so often but will have to go again. 

Posted 29 October 2014 12:18:59(UTC)

Hi, I diagnosed with prostatitis when I had a biopsy 2 years ago, at times I also feel unwell get abdominal pain and pain in right hip, I am on Tamsolusin and Finasteride and will be for rest of my life, I have BPH and my PSA is a bit above what it should be, however apart from a spell when I had the biopsy my PSA has been the same for 5 years . To quote my consultant from March 2014 "we are no longer looking for Prostate Cancer it would have showed by now". I was having PSA tests every 3 months now it is yearly and I am not due back until March 2015. Mine is bit more complicated as 5 years ago I had a bad fall which has left me with a spinal injury which causes back pain stiffness and hip pain all typical prostate symptoms.


I have queried the prostatitis diagnoses and the general opinion is that the consultant was more concerned with cancer and prostatitis was less of a concern. I have visited an emergency Dr and my GP in the last year and they were only bothered about Kidney infection which was ruled out. Prostatitis apparently is quite difficult to diagnose and it seems rarely treated and often treatments are ineffective. It does seem a case you just battle on. I take Cayenne pepper daily and my Brother In Law who has been suffering from Prostatitis for 20 year drinks lemon barley water every dear he swears by it I have not tried it yet. The other big thing is diet and I intend to change it but I am looking for a definitive list of what is good and bad which isn't easy to find. Of course never under estimate stress and people with our conditions are often stressed about our conditions which may well make it worse.


I do hope things improve for you. I seem to be hit with it once a year about this time it does eventually ease. of course the other concern is that as per when I had my biopsy my PSA went up which this inclined the consultant to ask for a biopsy which hence diagnosed prostatitis a vicious circle.

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