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Your state pension - did you know?

Posted 20 March 2015 17:25:51(UTC)

If you are 60 (women) 65 (men) you should be receiving your State Pension - if you are not then please support the petition to reverse the unfair changes to the State Pension Law - a law which has not only accelerated the speed of increase to the State Pension Age, but also fails to give adequate notice and thereby no opportunity to make appropriate alternative financial plans.  Some women born in April 1955 will not receive their pension until they are c67.  If you are in ill health or a carer, this can have devastating consequences at a time of already great distress.  Please sign the petition and find out more at:


You can also check when you will be eligible to receive your State Pension here: 



Please don't delay - ask your family, friends and colleagues to sign today.


Thank you.





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