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How can I go swimming

Posted 08 March 2016 11:09:20(UTC)
We have a family holiday booked for June. I would love to join the grandchildren in the pool. Are there any swimming trunks on the market that can retain minor leaks or has anyone addressed this scenario in some other way?.Thanks.
Posted 08 March 2016 12:07:23(UTC)

Hello Padarn and welcome to the site.
I'm sure that one of our members will offer advice or practical experience.
There is at least one company selling adult incontinence swimwear ie http://www.incywincy.net. Their own brand is called Kes-Vir and they are boxer shorts.

I don't know if that helps at ll

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Posted 08 March 2016 12:38:51(UTC)

If you google " incontinence swimwear uk " loads pops up. Good luck

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Posted 08 March 2016 21:36:42(UTC)

Extract from a previous conversation.

""He leaked quite badly early on, but said that once he was in the water it just stopped. The ed nurse said this was because of the water pressure and the water support. He used to take a shower as soon as he changed, but said he never leaked at the pool. ""

If you goto show search above and type "swimwear" into the search box you should find the conversation.

Thanks Chris
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