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Revised PCRMP information and PCUK’s position

Posted 29 March 2016 16:31:47(UTC)


The updated Prostate Cancer Risk Management Programme information was released today and covers men age 50 and over. You can find information about the update in the links below:


PCUK’s updated policy position on the informed choice PSA test and a document “A consensus on PSA testing”, and more, are in the second to fourth links. These provide a different option for men age 45+  and the option of a baseline PSA test for men 40+.






These two updated arrangements provide PSA testing options for the  age groups and risks mentioned and I understand they are intended to complement each other.

I am not sure how a national NHS policy and the PCUK’s policy, which, is supported by a number of medical professional associations, will work together.



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Posted 29 March 2016 21:49:47(UTC)

Thank you Art - you must put hours and hours into keeping an eye on and then updating us on these matters and I very much appreciate it x

Vote for a sticky!!!!!

"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." Soren Kierkegaard

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Posted 30 March 2016 08:32:02(UTC)
thanks as always for putting these all on one post. It was a big publication day yesterday.
Lyn I agree this information should go up as a sticky but maybe with a slightly different title like
PSA testing guidelines for patients and clinicians

Its a shame we can't "tag" the forum operational team so that they pick up on these suggested stickies. I will pm Sadie and see if she can work with Art to get this one posted using Art's avatar.

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Posted 30 March 2016 09:19:01(UTC)

Hi Art,

Thank you for posting this. 

I've only had chance to have a quick peek but it looks like interesting reading. 


Posted 30 March 2016 09:24:05(UTC)

Hi Lyn, Mo and Steve

Thanks for your comments - much appreciated!

I wasn't expecting to see this new thread this morning. For whatever reason I cannot cut and paste to start off a new thread but I can cut and paste into an existing thread. I tried with the Moderator late last night to set up the thread but had to give up in the end. Obviously the problem was sorted because the new thread appeared this morning.

I have noticed that the third http link "... it-s-time-for-change" was duplicated so I have deleted one of the links. The link which should have been included is now shown as the second link. This link is very important because is sets out PCUKs new policy position on the PSA test.

The new position includes a big change which is that asymptomatic men over 40 should consider a "baseline" PSA test to predict their risk of getting cancer in later life.

... I have just noticed that the second link is not in "green" so it is not a live link. I have spoken to the Moderators about this and it will be changed shortly.


Posted 31 March 2016 09:18:59(UTC)
I sent a message to PCUK Sadie yesterday asking her to read this conversation and maybe liaise with you to edit in the links and any word changes so that this information can go up as a stickie.

The press release was up on facebook too, I shared it and added my own message to my facebook friends and family. Lots of other people from this forum were sharing it too. The awareness messages are beginning to come out more and more often on social media, The PCUK walk over 10 days by Jeff Stelling (the sky sports presenter) has been coming up daily with personal stories told by people walking with Jeff. Yesterday Kev Irun walked the last of the 10 walking marathons with him to Wembley stadium. A little warm up for his own monumental chalenge in Marathon Des Sables next week. Runner number 1201 .. I will try and track his progress via the MDS app which I have signed up for. There should be lots of social media awareneess fromm that too. It does seem to be the best place to catch a younger audience's attention.

Every thing we can do to raise awareness will help to reduce deaths from this horrid disease and help Men to get checked before the disease has got a relentless hold,

In due course I would love to see some statistical evidence that shows all this is making a difference, I think the figures will be significant.

My very best wishes
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