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My introduction

Posted 15 May 2016 at 22:21

I am Pete a 62 year old Marred 6 children 3 boys’ 3 girls 14 grandchildren


I was diagnosed with advanced Prostate Cancer Sep 2011 Gleason score 4+3+7.

I was offered the Stampede trial witch I accepted straight away and hormone injections witch kept my P.S.A very low until March this year 2016. I have just been told my PSA has risen to 26. I was given MRI – Bone and CT Scans witch confirmed the progression of my Prostate Cancer shown bony Metastatic disease in the spine (left Rib) Pelvic Lymphadenopathy area. My M.R.I spine scan shows vertebral metastases but also shown disc bulging putting pressure on the nerve roots. I have just spent a week in Hospital with unbearable bad sciatica pain in my buttock and thigh. I am home now with new pain killers and feeling a lot better


I have been withdrawn from the Stampede trial and been offered treatment with Enzalutamide and they will be keeping under review

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