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Kagel machine

Posted 24 July 2016 10:39:17(UTC)
Morning all, very wet in Cornwall this morning, anyway just thinking ahead but are the kagel machines any good and has anyone used them and had any success.
Posted 24 July 2016 19:56:22(UTC)

If you are considering buying one, I wouldn't waste your money yet. The scientists are split on whether Kegel exercises even help with post-RP incontinence and it is probably better to learn to use the relevant muscles properly than to rely on a machine to do it for you.- if you are left with ongoing issues you can perhaps rethink.

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Posted 24 July 2016 21:00:36(UTC)

Learning to do the exercise is pretty simple, imagine trying to stop passing wind. Also try stopping yourself urinating mid stream, do not do this on a regular basis it is not advised. I found the right spot was after flexing the penis and before clenching the bum.

I did PFEs without fail pre and post op with favourable results. Following a second bout if incontinence I gave up after a while as the were having no effect.

As someone on hear had said they cost nothing to do.

There is an android and apple app called prostate aerobics, that gives instructions,reminders and prompts.

My local incontinence service did offer to insert a probe to check I was doing them right but I declined.

There are many guys who are dry almost immediately.

Thanks Chris
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Posted 25 July 2016 07:58:39(UTC)

As an adjunct to Kegel exercises, TENS machines help to give a really hefty contraction, but I found only with the (ugh) anal electrode. Also you have to be careful with the voltage.... The end result will be a pelvic floor like a bulldog clip. If that is going to help continence, then a TENS machine might be worth a try but the most useful ones are a lot of money and it has to be kept in mind that the cause of incontinence might not be down to pelvic floor strength.


TURP then LRP in 2009/2010. Lots of leakage but PSA < 0.1 AMS-800 Artificial Sphincter activated 2015.
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