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How Long Should I Wait Before Trying for an Erection?

Posted 12 September 2016 10:12:45(UTC)

OK, so op is over, catheter has been out now for just two whole days and I'm pretty much in control of my bladder although I do tend to get a bit of leakage when I change position, whether it be from sitting to standing, leaning forward or sideways.  But even that is getting much better.

It's going to be about three weeks till I have my PSA test and then probably another two after that till I see the consultant and find out about nerve sparing etc.  

I've been reading on here about taking Viagra and other pills and also about using a pump.  My question is: Is it too soon for me to try for an erection and if I can't manage it naturally, should I buy a pump myself (and if so, which one) or just try doses of Viagra?

I'm quite keen to get going so any advice would be helpful.  I basically just don't know what to do.




Posted 12 September 2016 10:34:49(UTC)
Hi there,I would think it's a bit early for anything yet.I think we waited until the first visit to the consultant. Are you in touch with the urology nurses.They could perhaps tell you what goes on in your area.
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Posted 12 September 2016 10:42:36(UTC)

The hospital has referred me to the ED and urology nurses and I'm just waiting for them to contact me.  I just saw something in one of the pamphlets saying "use it or lose". Guess another few weeks won't mean that much difference and of course it's not as if it's going to be of any practical use; I had the snip 37 years ago, lol.

I will take your advice and wait. Many thanks



Posted 12 September 2016 10:55:43(UTC)

Hello mate ,
Take it from someone who literally threw himself into the erectile recovery system and nigh on demanded everything to recover :-
There is no rush ok ! Wait for the consultation and if you haven't been contacted by ED nurse then reiterate your desire to move forward with recovery. You MUST drive your own recovery and push for a pump straight away. Use it or lose it is true , but a few weeks won't matter. I've pumped the little fella every day for a solid year , and although he has shrunk quite a bit , I'm convinced that the pump has kept him as good as possible , and he is now trying as best he can to work. It's a long journey mate unless you are one of the very fortunate ones.
I regularly mention at appts that I've spoken to PCUK and know my onions. It tends to help. If I were you I would push for daily Cialis and the pump straight away.
Whether he gets used much or not , losing your erection can become soul destroying if you let it. Keep strong and keep posting.

If life gives you lemons , then make lemonade
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Posted 12 September 2016 17:38:59(UTC)

I would hold fire on the pump for a while, although nothing could be proved either way it was mentioned that the pump "may" have aggravated my stricture.

Thanks Chris
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Posted 12 September 2016 23:49:04(UTC)

Separate out the concept of an erection from orgasm. John had his first orgasm on the day the catheter came out, he didn't believe you could do that without an erection but masturbation with lots of lube and / or oral sex are both possible and fun. The process encourages blood to the area, bringing much needed oxygen so it helps to keep the penile tissue healthy and aids repair of the nerve bundles too.

If and when you have had confirmed that all is healing properly, much better to get a proper pump on the NHS than one of the things sold in sex shops, I think. PCa specialists internationally seem fairly convinced that daily cialis (2.5mg or sometimes 5mg) from as soon as possible after the op makes a huge difference to preventing penile atrophy and regaining natural erections eventually - unfortunately not all GPs are up to date with this and some CCGs have instructed GPs not to prescribe it doe to cost :-( There is no research to suggest that Viagra has the same healing effect as Cialis but if that turns out to be all you can get, at least it is better than nothing.

"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." Soren Kierkegaard

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