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What else could it be?

Posted 24 September 2016 09:34:43(UTC)
Hi ,
My husband has just received results from PSA blood test and MRI scan. PSA was low and PIRAD score was 1 (probably benign). Awaiting results of biopsy but all indications appear to be good .
This was initially picked up during routine medical, there's been no symptoms. There's obviously something there (a lump) but what we don't know is what else it could be if it isn't cancer. He's asked Doc bit response has basically been "let's rule out cancer first....".
Any info would be appreciated.
Posted 24 September 2016 12:18:25(UTC)

Hello Sarah and welcome

What was the low PSA just out of interest?

PIRAD of 1 sounds hopeful, I assume the hospital said that it was probably benign?

Until the biopsy results are given nobody can accurately tell what's going on so best to wait for those before fretting that something nasty is lurking.

My husband (among others on here) was also symptomless free so it does happen. Your husband is very lucky in that whatever this is may have carried on getting worse and worse if it hadn't been for the routine testing.

IF this is cancer (and it could be scar tissue, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, or infection etc) then it will have been caught early. This waiting around business is one of the worst parts of Prostate Cancer but it's something we've all had to go through.

Come back to us when you have the results of the biopsy and members might be more helpful than me

Best Wishes


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