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Restrictions on activities due to bowel issues.

Posted 05 October 2016 16:29:50(UTC)

This sounds like a moan - it absolutely isn't but I was discussing side effects of my 20 session radiotherapy treatment with my onco this morning at the 6 month check. (things going very well on this front - PSA where it should be at 0.2).

They ask you to do a bit of a quality of life questionnaire and I hadn't really thought about this before but I have had to make changes in 2 main areas of my leisure time.

1) I am a member of a small walking group - mainly ex colleagues. I haven't been on a walk for 6 months and I am not sure I can resume these. In short, I need a full bowel movement before I can venture anywhere without a loo. This morning was a case in point. I parked about 10 minutes away from the hospital. The walk from my car to the entrance was just enough to shake things up and I was desperate. Being a hospital - no shortage of loos - no problem but I have noticed that I often have a small movement first thing followed by the main event. After that I am fine but this does mean that if I venture out of the house before the main event I absolutely have to be within striking distance of the loo. In short, my days with the walking group are effectively over.

2) Holiday choices. Neither my wife and I are great sunbathers although we do like the sun. We tend to have a week on a favourite island - Madeira and then another week doing a tour of some sort to somewhere we haven't been with the likes of Riviera Travel or Jules Verne. These holidays often involve early coach trips and then some walking. No loo, no can do so this type of holiday is effectively knocked on the head.

The onco explained that, as we all know, the radiotherapy inflames the bowel but, after this dies down, the wall of the rectum becomes less elastic and can't hold as much - hence the urgency.

These minor changes to my routine are a small price to pay for keeping the dreaded Pca at bay and, these 2 issues apart, it is almost as if nothing has happened with the urinary situation as good as it can be and the tiredness becoming less and less of an issue.

But I'm interested if others have had to change routines after RT and what you have done to work around them.





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Posted 06 October 2016 07:37:38(UTC)

I have my six monthly checkup with the oncologist on Monday so guess we are about at the same stage. Thanks for describing the bowel symptoms, and is something similar to what I am experiencing. Some days I can go for a whole day with just emptying my bowels after breakfast time. Other days I have a small movement first thing and then several more during the day. After my daily after lunch walk I sometimes need to go urgently when I get home. So probably down to the reduced elasticity of the bowel you refer to (I also had 20 sessions of RT). I sense things are slowly settling down but the body is slow and we are not there yet.

Waterworks are a different matter with poor flow from time to time, especially during the night and first thing, maybe as the tamsulosin wears off. Other times excellent flow. That also seems to be slowly getting better though. But we will see what the critical PSA test shows when I see her on Monday.

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