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Peritoneal Pain

Posted 15 October 2016 16:56:01(UTC)
I am new to this group and looking for information on how long I can expect my peritoneal pain and discomfort to last.
I under went Da Vinci procedure on August 15th this year and find that after walking for less than ten minutes I experience pain and discomfort,forcing myself to stop and sit for awhile.
Is this normal for this time span.

Posted 15 October 2016 18:00:24(UTC)

Yes it is natural for you to be feeling pain still at 8 weeks. It's a very big operation after all -- more than most people think. I still have bad pain in my bladder area when I need a wee or poo , but have been told I have adhesions , where things have healed incorrectly. This is quite rare apparently. Certainly dont worry yet and best wishes on recovery.

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Posted 15 October 2016 18:41:18(UTC)

Hello Merlin and welcome.

As Chris says it is still early days for you. The tissues that were abused during the surgery have still to heal.

Were you given pain killers? If so do be careful not to become constipated as that will cause more discomfort when you strain.

Be patient, and try not to worry.



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