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Body Aches

Posted 30 November 2016 20:59:09(UTC)
Well I had a robotic prostratectomy back in April. The histology increased the Gleason score to 8. Technically locally advanced as is was near to breaking out of the wall. Surgical margin was clear and no spread to semi vesticular or nerve bundle even though one was removed.

Getting some aching in my shoulders and upper arms, mainly left arm and concerned about metastic condition. Oh meant to have said I have had two PSA checks since the operation and both were undertectable.

Is it like lkely if there was a spread that it would be noticeable in my shoulders? And both of them?

Feels more muscular and is fine at night and is hardly noticeable first thing in the morning.

Anybody had a similar experience?

Think it could be arthritis

Posted 30 November 2016 21:43:33(UTC)

I started to worry about aches and pains but I was told by my Uro Nurses and the consultant that bone mets etc and related pains are "unlikely" with a psa below 20. I do have a bit of osteoarthritis in one hip.

Thanks Chris

Posted 30 November 2016 22:01:33(UTC)

Doubt if it's PCa related. Could be arthritis but why play doctors as heart might need checking.


Posted 30 November 2016 22:24:01(UTC)
Thanks Chris

It's on my mind a fair bit as the surgeon has told me I am high risk of a return as the cancer was more aggressive than my original biopsy indicated. Was Gleason 4+3 and changed to 4+4.

The Onco gave me odds of 40% it could come back, even with a negative surgical margin. So I work on the basis that's odds that 60% it won't.

I thought it odd that if it had spread to bones that the first place would have been a shoulder as I read its more often thighs, hips & pelvic bones.
Posted 30 November 2016 22:24:42(UTC)
Thanks as well Ray
Posted 01 December 2016 04:07:34(UTC)

I have now developed stiffness and pain due mainly to arthritis and am presently having physiotherapy. I have been given exercises to do and told I must be more mobile. Until I moved house some five years ago I was pretty active including playing short tennis twice a week. Now I seldom walk far due to my knees giving trouble which also means I have stopped sporting activities and spend too much time on my lap top or watching TV. I appreciate the need to take it easy after RP but muscles that are not properly worked for even a relatively short time can weaken and lead to stiffness and pain and I wonder whether Ian is now doing sufficient exercise not to be in the downward spiral of insufficient use that leads to further pain. The physiotherapist told me today that the pain and stiffness I only presently experience when getting out of my chair, will in time affect me even just sitting down so I am to take pain killers and work through the pain.

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