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What now for me?

Posted 16 January 2017 20:34:40(UTC)

I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in 2014 and had it removed in April 2015 when I was 70. My hobby since retiring is long distance backpacking and in July that year I decided to walk the whole length of the Pyrenees. It took me about 50 days, from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean and I followed the French GR10 long distance footpath. It nearly 'did me in' but on reflection I felt so 'proud' of myself for doing it, the 'Trump' part of me overcame my shyness at admitting how I felt and still feel about it and so was able to pat myself on the back. My health good fortune has continued since, so in 2016 I hiked the Pennine Way (again) and then hiked for three weeks along the French GR65 from Le Puy en Velay to Figeac and then turned off on the GR6 through the Dordogne to Bergerac. I felt great and had a hoot of a time!

In November 2016 I was suddenly shocked to experience  a severe and ongoing deep muscular ache in my left leg. It worried me a lot and it still does.

I waited awhile and hoped that the ache would just fade away but it didn't. Having had cancer its easy now for me to feel neurotic about the possibility of it coming back again! In the end I decided to book an appointment with my GP, only to be 'shown the door', they were not accepting any more appointments until after Christmas! I accepted my lot and walked away. In early January I tried again, this time I was successful, and had an appointment within a week. My GP suggested I should see a physio, OK, I'm now just waiting for an appointment.

Today I was reading the Guardian and they have just started a series of 'long articles' about growing old. Its worth a read!

When I read paragraphs 3 and 4, I thought "that me, that's me!" People of my age range who perhaps find it difficult to come to terms with the ageing process? It made me smile!

So I've just decided to plod on with my life no matter what! As a consequence I have decided that his year I will (try) to hike the GR11 across the Spanish Pyrenees in July, it should take about 45 days. I feel OK, except for my aching leg, so why not? Better maybe to drop down dead on a hike, than sit in a chair at home waiting for it to happen! The prospect of good food, wine, good company and personal achievement makes the effort worth while!

If anybody else might be interested in such a hike please send me an email (gunwharfman@gmail.com) as a 'notification of interest', no obligation at all. Given a choice I would prefer to hike with others rather than going alone. If no one is intersted I'll just hike off alone as usual. All the best!

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Posted 16 January 2017 21:46:51(UTC)

You are a fantastic example of how to grow old disgracefully - congratulations!

Just a note though; now that the forum is googleable you have just posted your email address publicly which may expose you to all sorts of spam. Best to edit your post and let people contact you via the private messages system instead perhaps? You can then give your email address to people securely.

"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." Soren Kierkegaard

Posted 17 January 2017 18:15:22(UTC)

Good luck Gunwharfman in your next challenge

You are a sensible man so I am sure that before July you will get the go ahead from your GP.

Yes we do as we age have to put up with various aches and pains. It is part of the aging process.

Just be sure that the pains you have are part of that process and not something like a blood clot.

Best Wishes

We can't control the winds - but we can adjust our sails
Posted 03 March 2017 14:07:11(UTC)

It took me a long while but I managed to see my GP and then a physio, he suggested that I have pulled a hamstring when I've been running. The deep ache in my leg is still with four months later, just crossing my fingers the exercise regime suggested will do the trick. I've cancelled a planned hike across Tenerife and am now aiming to be well enough to hike 10 days on the GR4 route from Nice in May.

I've spent a lot of time sitting around over the past three months and it can really get one down, than goodness for the lighter evenings and the forthcoming spring.

I've been to see the Urology Department every six months since my prostate was removed, always nil result and the other day I had my first phone call consultation. "Hello, your latest blood test is still nil. How are you feeling?" "Fine" says I. "Good" says she. "Next appointment in one year, OK" "Yes", "Bye"!

I liked it, no travel to the hospital, no long waits and no messing about.

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Posted 04 March 2017 11:51:26(UTC)

Whereabouts in the leg is the pain?

Great result re the PSA by the way

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