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Dad been diagnosed high grade cancer, reassurance greatly needed

Posted 06 March 2017 23:31:35(UTC)
My dads PSA was 110. His bone scan was clear, the consultant actually said "surprisingly clear". His Gleason score is 9 (high grade cancer). He also started tablets straight away and has had his first hormone injection. We know that it has spread to two lymph nodes in hips. He needs to get 3 gold seeds put in (don't know where!) and will get radiotherapy Monday to Friday for 7.5 weeks after his second injection but before his third. Chance of cure is relatively low but they are treating as to cure. had MRI today so now need to wait results of it. I can't focus on anything. Can anyone give me some hope, please
Posted 07 March 2017 21:22:30(UTC)


just bumping you up the page, new posts often get lost awaiting moderation.

Thanks Chris

Posted 08 March 2017 10:24:34(UTC)
Bumping you up again
Posted 08 March 2017 15:14:06(UTC)

Don't get in panic. Breathe deep.
I'm new here, but I'm sure you will soon be supported and advised by some "senior" . We are also starting this journey. Things aren't ever so bad ad expected. Try to keep optimistic.
My best wishes.
Let's bump you up.

Posted 08 March 2017 22:06:45(UTC)

Dear Kukiekoo

Everyone on this site will understand what you are going through and I know there are no words to stop you worrying BUT new treatments for PCa are coming through constantly and there are many many stories of men on this site who have started with a similar or worse diagnosis and they are still here and still going strong. If you click on people's names you can read their profiles, and see what treatments have worked for them. I asked for 'stories of hope' when I first came on the site and received so many hopeful and helpful responses from members and their families.

I suggest you download the 'Toolkit' from this site to get the lowdown on all the various treatments that are available and what the impact might be. Once all the results are in things will be much clearer but if there's no bone spread and they are talking about 'treating to cure' then that's really positive.

Good luck. Stay positive...things will get less terrifying I promise.




Posted 16 March 2017 18:51:59(UTC)

Hello K,

I had a lower PSA of only 41, as a T3B cancer 6 years ago. My bone scan was clear too, and my Gleeson was 4+4 which is 8. I went through hormone therapy for 6 months, the radiotherapy (IMRT) for 7 weeks and they injected 3 gold seed into my prostate, so on every treatment day they could X-Ray me first, see the seeds and therefore where my prostate was, and adjust the RT beam to hit the centre of the cancer. The reason for the "seeds" is that the prostate can move up to 2 centimetres day to day, and the gold seeds allow them to fix the actual position.i also had to have a full bladder, and empty bowel before the Radiotherapy, which involved drinking water, and giving myself a micro-enima before each of the 37 treatment sessions, but it was worth it!
I had 2 more years of Hormone therapy, and now I am off all treatment. I only have a PSA test every 6 months.
The hormone therapy has its issues (hot flushes, lower energy, tiredness, being emotional and loss of libido), and the radiotherapy does have a few issues, but they are not too bad, and the radiotherapy nurses are there to help.
MY PSA now is 0.18.... I can live with that!
Hope your dad is lucky enough to have the good treatment I enjoyed.

Good luck to your dad...


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Posted 17 April 2017 12:29:16(UTC)
My dad was diagnosed age 60 in 2001. He had a PSA of 38, Gleason 7 with spread locally, no spread to bones.
He had HT and RT, and was told it was incurable.

He's now 76. He's had stints on and off HT, and his count is only just starting to climb again. His consultant has given him five years or so.

We didn't point out that he gave him five years or so in 2001.

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