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I'm new here so my 1st post

Posted 14 April 2017 18:12:39(UTC)
Hello all,
This is my first post so I guess a little background is the order of the day!
I'm 56 next month and have been retired for 3 years. While working I had as part of health cover a medical every few years. Looking back at the results of blood test in 2001 my PSA was 0.8 In 2008 it had risen to 2.6 and mid 2011 up to 3.7 No concerns were ever raise that there may have been a problem in the making.
At the start of 2012 I visited my GP as I was getting up a couple of time in the night to pee and also had a weak stream. The GP diagnosed an enlarged prostate and prescribed 400mg Tamsulosin each morning. Looking back I did have some lower back discomfort but I wouldn't describe it a pain more just a bit of a nag particularly after gardening, golf or other exertion!
In February this year I visited my GP as I had a slight numbness on the outside of my left big toe. The Dr. Looked and thought it may be the start of rheumatism but decided to take blood to test. Also he decided to check my PSA at the same time. I had a phone call 10 days later to say my PSA had come back at 9.2 and he wanted to refer me to the Urology department of East Surrey Hospital under the 2 week referral policy.
Only 5 days passed before a DRE showed a smooth but enlarged Prostate. They were able to give me a MRI later the same day. I was told it was quite normal to have a biopsy following the MRI. I couldn't believe the efficiency!
Another week passed and I was undergoing a template biopsy with 43 samples being taken. Within 10 days I had fully recovered the razor blades had stopped being passed and feeling 100% again. On 25th March I was back with the consultant for the results of the biopsies which showed carcinoma of the prostate with a Gleason 3+4 in 9/43 cores with maximum core involvement of 60%. I was offered all the options of radical treatment.
I had done a little research myself and asked about Active Surveillance. Whilst I was told I wouldn't be the first to opt for this route it was not advised. A quick visit to my GP confirmed that if he had my scores on the doors (he's 1 year younger than myself) he would have treatment but I should consider all 3 options. Following a consultation with an oncologist yesterday I have decided to start the journey down the EBR route. I have today started hormone therapy (2 weeks of Bicalutamide tablets followed by implant injection then another 2 weeks of tablets) then monthly implants for another 2 months. That's when the EBR should start. I'm not looking forward to the side effects but as everyone is different we will just have to wait and see. I don't think if I had paid a fortune for private consultations I could have had better or faster care or results. The NHS has done a great job.
I hope I haven't rambled on too long I'm sure some one will mention it if I have.
Kindest regards to you all

If you don't know where your going any road will take you there!
If you don't know where you're going any road will take you there!
Posted 14 April 2017 19:38:35(UTC)
Sorry to meet you in such nasty circumstances If you read my post it will take you right through my treatment from start to finish(i actually finished brachytherapy six weeks ago) pleae read as I went via the High Dose Rate treatment which was EBR (fifteen sessions) followed by the Brachaytherapy
Let us know how you get on and if you need advice there is plenty of it on this site plus answers to your specific posts
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Posted 14 April 2017 19:47:08(UTC)

Thanks Bob I'll read it.

If you don't know where you're going any road will take you there!
Posted 19 April 2017 10:06:57(UTC)

Hi Mister B,
If it hasn't already been mentioned, ask whether there is an ED nurse or andrology clinic in your area and if there is, ask for a referral. There is much discussion on here about impotence / erectile dysfunction after the surgery but medical people don't always think to advise men going down the HT/RT route. It is very important that you maintain penile health during your HT - "use it or lose it" is a real issue, scientifically proven, so if you can get a vacuum pump on the NHS then do so.

Also, have they said anything about the possibility of a little radiotherapy to the breast buds now to prevent the breasts from growing, which can be very painful for some men?

"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." Soren Kierkegaard

Posted 19 April 2017 10:45:15(UTC)

Hi Ian,

I had my Brachytherapy in September 16 and had much the same as you with Gleason 3+4 and PSA 2.19,but down to 0.81 after first blood test at three months.

I must say i had great treatment up to the operation apart from a canceled appointment with the specialist but nothing to worry about as my oncology nurse has been very helpful and is always there to talk to.

I decided to stop the Tamulosin three weeks ago but have a supply just in case and so far i still get up two to three times a night but with no real urgency and the daytime seems pretty good to but when out and about i forget about it.

I have my next blood test in May and hope it will continue to drop and i am told my oncology nurse is trying to sort out the problem of my lost appointment with the specialist and i tend to think if there were any great problems i would have heard by know.

I still have problems with ED but that could be something to do with my age.

I wish you luck with your treatment and if i can be of any help please let me know.

This is a great site with many members to help you going forward so don't be afraid to ask.


Posted 19 April 2017 22:26:24(UTC)
Thanks for that advice Lyn, I will ask the questions.
If you don't know where you're going any road will take you there!
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