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Dont take all as gospel

Posted 04 May 2017 07:14:48(UTC)
Its been a while since any post

March 2015 I was diagnosed T3b M1 N0
Told that I may only live 3yrs

Well its now 2017 and I have just had results from a mri scan
In a nutshell I have no further spread and my prostate has shrunk
My psa has been 0.001 for the last 9mths

My main issue is pain in lower back and pelvis the conclusion for this is that the radiotherapy treatment I had has affected these areas and the pain I am getting is nothin to do with any spread

So what am I getting at

Pain in areas where you have cancer does not mean the cancer is spreading
I am fortunate that my Onco gave me an mri to support this

Hope this helps others to understand the links between pain and cancer spread

run long and prosper

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