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Whirlwind 6 months

Posted 21 June 2017 11:20:09(UTC)

Well hello, here I am 2 weeks post op and hoping my continence will return sooner rather than later.

Our journey (my significant other and I) started in January 2017 after having routine blood tests PSA included. This came back as 3.2. Nothing to worry about and I was told just come back in 3 months for another. Cutting to the chase I was diagnosed on March 24th with gleason score of 6 and T3a. Active surveillance and brachytherapy were denied as although the cancer was deemed low grade and slow growing there was lots of it. Since the operation the gleason score has been upped to 7 although the histology showed negative margin. I must add a prior bone scan was clear.

So here we are.........any words of advice or wisdom are very much appreciated. I still can't believe it's happening but hey ho such is life and on it will go.

Posted 21 June 2017 13:07:31(UTC)

Hi Lucky bob,

Welcome to the club You will find plenty of advice on here as i did before my brachytherapy last September,I try to log in ever couple of days to catch up with advice and ideas.

I had great treatment and follow up from my specialist and oncology nurse and it seems a long time ago since my diagnosis was picked up by my doctor on a blood test for my private medical to renew my 7.5 ton driving licence at reaching 70.It may well have saved or extended my life so well worth the £140 it cost me.

Good luck regards John.

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Posted 21 June 2017 16:36:19(UTC)

Hi, Lucky Boy.

In case it can help some way, I'll tell you about my OH experience.

PSA level 4.2. Two negative biopsies. The third one , 12 years later, brought out PC. Gleason 4+3 = 7.
Clear bone scan and CAT.

Robotic surgery. RPT. Then downgraded to 3+4=7 post operation . Current PSA 0.04.

Gradually becoming continent. After 6 weeks fully continent.

Just started with Cialis.

No RT or any other treatment needed. Next control appointment with consultant in six months. Crossing fingers.

All cases are different each other but yours sounds to me somehow similar to my husband's one.

He's fully continent now. Recovery, to be honest, has been heavy. He was feeling poorly with pain inside. Only 6 weeks after surgery he had got rid of pain and physical discomfort.

I guess you'll soon feel as well as he's feeling now.

Sorry for my English.

Best wishes,


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