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Hoilday insurance

Posted 02 July 2017 18:27:50(UTC)
Hi .. my husband post radical prostatectomy December 2016 . Had one PSA since which was undetectable and another next week .
We went to book a holiday for may next year to Italy' and was told he couldn't get any medical insurance that would cover the PC.
Please excuse my ignorance as we are both novis travellers but is this quiet normal to be refused ? If yes , is there a specific insurance company that would cover him ( hoping of course nothing Happens or returns due to the PC )

Thank you for any answers .
Posted 02 July 2017 20:50:48(UTC)

Boots travel insurance were happy to insure me even with locally advanced prostate cancer. And not expensive. Staysure are good too but be prepared for relentless junk mail and bother and spam if you pick them.

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Posted 02 July 2017 21:02:01(UTC)

We have annual cover with insurewith - they covered John straight after his rad prostatectomy and even when the cancer came back and he was on HT & waiting for the radiotherapy, they covered him to climb Kilimanjaro! We have just renewed the cover for the next 12 months and although we disclosed that it has probably come back again, they have still covered his prostate cancer.

Was it just the holiday company saying that they won't cover your OH on the normal policy that travel agents usually try to sell? The Macmillan website has a list of companies who cover people with cancer. Don't be tempted to take cover that excludes the prostate cancer - a lot can happen between now and next May and if he got something like a urine infection, some companies would try to wriggle out of paying on the basis that the UTI was somehow linked to the cancer :-(

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Posted 02 July 2017 22:05:15(UTC)

I honestly can't see why one would want special travel insurance to cover PC when travelling to Italy. I have been doing this journey for all of my 11 PC years without any cover. I've lost count of how many times, but it must be circa 50 times. I had a urine infection which took 6 months to clear up, but it didn't stop me travelling. In fact it's easier to get Cranberry juice in the UK, I live in Italy. Things just don't happen that fast with PC. I've travelled to many counties without special cover, including the USA. However my trips are never more than two weeks.

Next May is a long way off, I presume that you don't intend being out of the county for months. The Italian medical system is every bit as good as the British. E111 will cover most things.

Thinking about it I regularly drive to France, Switzerland and Germany without a second thought.


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Posted 02 July 2017 22:20:17(UTC)

Personally I think that is a little naive Stuc. Have you not read all the cases in the press of people who end up stranded abroad with health problems totally unrelated to their existing medical condition and yet the insurers refuse to pay out or provide assistance. Slightly different if you live overseas I guess as holiday insurance does not apply to you but if Lillylizzy books now for next May and then her husband has a recurrence next Spring needing RT the insurance against cancellation avoids a significant financial loss.

"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." Soren Kierkegaard

Posted 03 July 2017 06:50:29(UTC)

I used Holidaysafe last yea when we went to Lake Garda, they asked lots of questions on line but gave me cover at a good price. I think it came out at about £40 and covered everything we needed. I think they are the same company as Insurancewith. I tried other insurance companies for my age group etc but they charged exorbitant prices


Posted 03 July 2017 08:21:13(UTC)

Boots were fantastic and cheap!

I'd suggest you talk to them!

They actually have people the other end of the phone who know what they are doing!

Posted 03 July 2017 09:13:35(UTC)

Hi I have annual cover  with L&V for the last four years and added my PC last year  and we pay £280 years, I use it mainly for travel in my motorhome and it covers 90 days per trip that i need it went up by about £70 this year but it covers my wife that had a hysterectomy and steroid injections in her hip last year and has a couple of other problems and all these are listed and covered on the Insurance.


Posted 04 July 2017 08:51:40(UTC)

If you have any accounts with Nationwide, talk to them:

They offer 'FREE' annual cover for most account holders, but there is a premium for pre-existing conditions, so you ring em up, answer about ten questions (none difficult), and end up paying about £140 for a year, covering pretty much the whole world.

I agree with Stuc that PC is most unlikely to suddenly cause an unforeseen overseas catastrophe, and (while we're in the EU!), the EHIC card gives you full access to health care. You wouldn't get insurance to from London to Edinburgh or Belfast - really no difference these days!

Going outside the EU is a different ball game, and PC isn't the only issue, you might fall over and bang your knee if the beer's good  ;-)


Peggy: Talk to your insurer: you may end up paying a little more. But if they don't know, your policy is invalid. Keeping them informed is a condition on all health insurance  :-)  And if they ask too much - read the whole thread and get a new policy with a better insurer!



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