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Men United pin badges

Posted 22 July 2017 18:11:40(UTC)
Can anyone advise me on where I can buy one of the Men United badges to show my support.
Posted 23 July 2017 05:21:51(UTC)

I know they are obtainable from Ebay and some appear to be official sellers but I hope somebody can give you the information you want.


I'm sure one of the members will know because they sell them at events.  Perhaps one of them can sell you one

We can't control the winds - but we can adjust our sails
Posted 23 July 2017 06:52:18(UTC)

Hi Chesh,

Our pin badges can be purchased currently from Burtons Menswear stores or from our online store:


Best wishes,

Digital Manager
Prostate Cancer UK

Posted 23 July 2017 09:51:42(UTC)

Blimey. How's that for service 07.52 and on a Sunday too.

Well done Carol

We can't control the winds - but we can adjust our sails
Posted 23 July 2017 16:34:13(UTC)
Thanks Carol
Posted 26 July 2017 23:09:42(UTC)

Chesh, if you can't find a "Men" badge, message me with your address, I've got some left, and would be happy to post one to you. [or anyone else]


Posted 02 February 2018 19:05:57(UTC)
I Chris how much are you prostrate badge .This is my Hubby's worst fear ..And he does donated to this charity..And hes always asking where you get them from ..Many Thanks Christine
Posted 04 February 2018 18:21:35(UTC)

Christine, I have messaged you. xx

PS, I don’t charge, I leave it to the recipients to donate to PCUK.
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