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Raised PSA and symptoms

Posted 26 July 2017 13:24:09(UTC)
Hi everyone,

Suppose I'm just looking for some reassurance. My partner has had urinary problems for a few years now, at least 5. He had been to GP more than once but never really received any diagnosis, was given antibiotics but no follow up call on two separate occasions. Had a prostate exam which was deemed normal size 5 years ago.

Yesterday he had a blood tests after returning with more severe urinary symptoms. Urgency to go, weak flow and on one occasion he suffered an episode of incontinence within 10 minutes due to being caught short with no toilet nearby.

His bloods came back with a high PSA of 10.5. Coupled with another prostate exam today where the GP said his prostate was normal sized!

So 5 years of symptoms. Raised PSA, normal sized prostate?

I am very worried. He has an emergency appt a week today.

Anyone had similar experience and things worked out ok?

Thanks in advance.
Posted 26 July 2017 15:38:06(UTC)

Hi Isla,first sorry you have joined this site, there are some amazing people on here that have really helped, i started with the same symptoms of struggling with the waterworks, if you look on the next down thats my story so far.He needs biopsies to see what is going on especially with a psa of 10.5 or click on my name.all the best. jim

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Posted 26 July 2017 16:25:50(UTC)

10.5 is a bit high but could be caused by a number of non-cancer related things, including prostatitis and / or BPH (enlarged prostate). And while urinary problems are an indicator of prostate problems, they are also an indicator of getting older :-/ At least he has been referred and will now have the reassurance of being seen by a specialist. They may recommend a biopsy, a scan, both or neither.

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