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Comparing notes...

Posted 01 Aug 2017 at 12:58
Good afternoon

As I am fairly isolated here in Qatar I hope you'll forgive my indulgence at asking what might be some basic questions about people's reactions to Docetaxel? I am currently in the middle of Cycle #4 (Stage 4/Gleeson 9)and, although not what I would term 'extremely severe' my current 'side effects' seem more debilitating than pervious. If anyone would care to comment on the following I'd be most grateful:

i) Is Docetaxel cumulative over time and with each session the 'side effects' get more marked? It's now at day ten and previously I was well on the way back to 'normality' at about day seven.

ii) I've developed a very dry cough and started taking Ventolin 'as-and-when'. Is this a common thing?

iii) I'm also feeling a bit 'zombified' at the moment - like a half deflated bouncy castle powered by rechargeable batteries that only manage 50% at a push. Again do others have this same feeling after ten days or could it be something else? I'm not running a temperature just really washed out and take the occasional painkiller for muscle aches.

Maybe tomorrow it will all pass and I'll be in recovery mode again; until such time any thoughts/observation would be welcomed.

With kind regards


Posted 01 Aug 2017 at 17:39

Boyd, I've had six cycles and can confirm the grotty one week, recovery week two and back to normality in week three experience. Seems to be what to expect. Are the side effects cumulative? Yes, in my experience, with increasing tiredness, breathlessness (started in cycle 4), which may be associated with a wet cough, and finally fluid retention, which if it occurs around, rather than in the lungs can account for the tiredness etc. I've found the sixth cycle very hard despite a 20% lower dose and it looks as though I shall be having a brief holiday from docetaxel and maybe not finishing the ten cycle course. The chemo has brought my PSA down from 4.6 to 1.1, but I seem to be on a plateau at that figure now. PSA is only one guide of course and not conclusive and mine were very low figures anyway, but I suspect a series of scans will provide conclusive information on what to do next.

Others on here have fought through those side effects, so I hope you do, too.


Posted 01 Aug 2017 at 17:51
Thanks for your words of support and confirmation AC. It's good to know that what I'm going through is in some way 'normal' for this treatment.

With kind regards


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