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BPH & prostate massage

Posted 12 August 2017 15:36:07(UTC)

Hi Folks

I was diagnosed last may , 2017 with BPH (very large prostate),

My psa was 8.0, biopsies all came back negative.

I have moderate symtoms  with the BPH, which I am managing with ''life style'' change

Now my question is

I have read that ''Prostate massage'' can help my symtoms, 


1. does anyone on here know if it can help??

2. can prostate massage do any harm to my prostate

If anyone has any experience, i would appreciate your findings


Posted 12 August 2017 17:42:27(UTC)

I understand that some doctors can offer this treatment, administered, via the back passage, using surgical gloves! It is unproven but may help. The tricky thing would be to find a doctor with relevant experience, prepared to try it. Even then it may be of no help. Perhaps someone else has a positive experience to offer?


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Posted 12 August 2017 22:58:58(UTC)

I raised the possibility of 'Prostate massage' a number of years ago. At the time we had a GP (active or retired) on the forum and he was adamant that this procedure was of no use. I will try to find the thread but it was under the old format so this may prove too difficult to do.

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Posted 13 August 2017 17:09:03(UTC)

Prostate massage can cause serious damage if done by someone who doesn't really know what they are doing. The medical view generally is that prostate massage is as useful as snake oil, and there has been some research that suggests massaging a prostate that is cancerous can increase the likelihood of mets.

Be guided by your own consultant if you are still under one, or the GP.

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