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Concerning News

Posted 08 September 2017 18:04:43(UTC)

What a week !  saw Consultant last Friday for the check as o/h on STAMPEDE ARM J -Consultant in Oncology pleased with Prostate position. O/H had a scan around 3 -4 weeks ago but that has shown a thickening of the osephegus (spelling) - more tests needed to check this out so is being fast-tracked for this.  So disappointed and worried that this could mean they have found something serious - particularly as he has done so well on the trail drug.  He doesn't talk too well about these issues - I know he is worrying and so disappointed after seemingly doing so well.  The fight goes on when we know what we are dealing with.

Posted 09 September 2017 05:28:37(UTC)

Hello jackie.

I am so sorry that the trial is not going as well as expected or hoped for

I hope somebody who has undergone the same can come along and reassure you

We can't control the winds - but we can adjust our sails
Posted 10 September 2017 02:26:47(UTC)

Hi Jackie,

Try not to worry, I know that's easier to same than do, but everything may turn out to be ok.

I know it's hard when your OH bottles things up but some people find it easier to deal with problems that way.  He may not want to worry you, I know there are some things about my health problems that I don't mention to my wife because I want to prevent her from worrying too much.  I haven't told my mum about my cancer or my heart attack because I want her to enjoy her last days without having to worry about my health.  My dad died from a heart attack when he was only 47 and my sister's husband has cancer so I know she would be heartbroken to know of my health problems.

Anyway, keep in touch and hope everything turns out ok.



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