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Guanabana...is it safe to use?

Posted 16 September 2017 07:25:42(UTC)

I am wondering if anyone can help? 
I was diagnosed July 2016 with Prostate Cancer. It had spread to a limph node just outside the Prostate. For the past year my treatment has been : daily Tamsolusin and Dutasterid tablets and a three monthly Prostap 3 hormone injection. My Psa has been at a constant 0.1. My last blood test said that it had gone up to 1.4. My Oncologist said to have an Mri scan. The result was that, another limph node had cancer in it. I am now on another medication to take along side the tablets I am already taking. It is called Enzalutamide. I take four of these once a day. 
After researching alternative diets and medications. Guanabana drink came up. My daughter knows someone that has used this and has positive effects, but reading on the internet caution has been taken into consideration. Has anyone else heard of, or taken Guanabana?
I would appreciate any information on this please. May thanks, Paul

Posted 16 September 2017 09:47:54(UTC)

Don't take any supplements without checking with your oncologist or nurse specialist. A) some 'natural' remedies can interact with or even disable the meds you are taking and b) if you are taking enzalutimide as part of a trial you could either wreck the trial result or get thrown off the trial.

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Posted 17 September 2017 19:02:31(UTC)

Many thanks Lyn :)

Posted 18 September 2017 14:35:31(UTC)

Here is what Cancer Research UK has to say about guanabana.

"We do not support the use of graviola to treat cancer. Our advice is to be very cautious about believing information or paying for any type of alternative cancer therapy on the internet."

Graviola is another name for guanabana

You can read their views here.

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