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Is my Prostate affecting my no2's

Posted 20 September 2017 13:35:53(UTC)
Hi all
I have had various psa results first one going up from 1.5 to 3.4 in 2 months in 2015
Obviously low compared to really high psa levels quoted on here

But with blood in my wee at that time I was sent to a nasty attitude urologist within 2 weeks and had that horrible cystoscopy etc camera shoved down my doodah hole 😱
he didnt give time for the numbing jel to work? Ouch !

Turns out i got enlarged prostate size 50cc
Urogram etc all normal

But my psa keeps bobbing around 2.99 and sometimes just over sometimes a little lower then back up?
Weeing is getting worse and its hard to wee properly sitting on the loo for a number 2?it just comes out in little bits ?
Having a wee Standing sometimes good flow then stops and starts and sometimes it feels like im weeing but when i look down nothing is coming out?
Also it takes ages to completely empty bladder ?

And if im sitting for a number 2 only so much number 2 comes out then stops and if i stand up and sit down more number 2 is able to come out?

Questions are ?

Should i go back to doc about PSA and enlarged prostate as im also now getting more urgent and getting up once a night and urgent when i wake up?

And Can an enlarged prostate affect you when having a poo?
Being that its enlarged in such a way its affecting the lower bowels?
Just wondering why i cant do a number 2 in just one sitting?

Thanks for reading
Posted 20 September 2017 16:41:28(UTC)

Tbone, it seems very unlikely that you have prostate cancer so not too much help for you on this site. Your PSA variability is consistent with having an enlarged prostate. You need to get back to your Urologist or a specialist nurse to get your various symptoms abated asap. By the way, we are all grown ups on here and you can use the proper terms for body parts and functions without embarrassment!!!


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Posted 20 September 2017 17:09:56(UTC)

Hi TBone

Probably nothing to worry about. I get up three times a night to pee and often poo followed by another when I stand up. You're PSA looks good and I wouldn't think there is anything to worry about there. I've had 7 cystoscopy's over the last couple of years and they are always uncomfortable but are harmless. When I am having them I just think, well it's only 5 minutes or so of discomfort and I'll all be over!

Did they find out why you had blood in your pee?

If you're worried then peace of mind is important. mention it to your doctor or ask you're doctor if you can see a consultant.


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