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aching hips and tearing sensation

Posted 01 October 2017 07:20:59(UTC)

hi,i have had aching hips for a while and i have also have like a tearing sensation in my right buttock which is uncomfortable i can feel it more when i am in certain positions like bending over etc even when i am sat down it feels like something moving in my right buttock and hip area,i finished ht 1yr 2mths ago and had rt in 2014,anyone have any thoughts on this please.

Posted 01 October 2017 16:40:47(UTC)

Have you been lifting anything heavy recently? It doesn't sound prostate cancer related and is too long after RT and HT to be linked to those. There is a very large muscle which runs down each buttock. Check with your doctor or perhaps ask for a referral to a physio?

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Posted 01 October 2017 18:54:35(UTC)

I often suffer from bad aching in one of my buttocks. But it's related to training I have been doing that has been particularly heavy on the glutes eg going up hills/steps etc

Have you been exerting yourself


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