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Docetaxel strange dreams

Posted 29 Oct 2017 at 01:57

Hi All I started my first Docetaxel ( chemotherapy ) Thursday and cant seem to sleep and having strange dreams not much sleep Thursday Friday and now up at 01.45 on Sunday morning has anyone had this, is it just for a few days after starting I also have aching muscles. Any information would be of help.                     

Thanks Richard

Posted 29 Oct 2017 at 12:37
Hi Richard, sorry about the dreams/lack of sleep.

I had no sleep for about 4 days after each docetaxl session, I think it's because if all the steroids you take. If you have not already, avoiding caffeine is a good idea around this time.

As for dreams, I have had so many weird ones since being diagnosed, I think , understandably, the emotion plus the drugs, lack of sleep gets the brain into tired overdrive. All I can say is that I am now used to less sleep and I get dodgy dreams less frequently. In the scene of things it has not caused me much grief.

I had chemo Jan/April 2015, I am still here and can still do lots so ifor me it was worth the annoyance.

I did go to the docs and got prescribed zopiclone, 3.75mg. I can only take 3 times a week as it's addictive (so what I say if you have advanced Pc) and I guess now I take it once a week. It just gives me 4 good hours in the night, I don't wake drowsy either.

Hope you sleep better tonight.


Dream like you have forever, live like you only have today Avatar is me racing in the Sahara April 2018

Posted 29 Oct 2017 at 21:19

Cheers for that I guess as its my first one that you think all sorts but I'm not working at the moment so can please myself on getting rest also hoping the aches go away after a few days. Cheers again

Posted 30 Oct 2017 at 06:55

I also am having early chemo plus Prostap for Recurrent Prostate Cancer, [DX Feb 2011]
I had lots of bone pain only after the first infusion, also my PSA has jumped from 0.06 to 8.2 maybe flare I need to ask on next infusion this Wed
I have had two Chemo so far and it puts me into urine retention for about a week during which I use a catheter,
I only do five injections starting on day four after chemo,

Posted 30 Oct 2017 at 07:49


I am  about to have my 4th cycle of Docetaxel today. I find, like you I have trouble getting a good night's sleep. It always seems worse around the first few days and I put that down to having the Dexamethasone for a couple of days before Chemo. I also take Prednisolone daily. As Kev said, I think it is as much, if not more to do with steroids as the Chemo.

My sleep pattern tends to improve as I get further into the cycle and I find that by about 7-10 days I am sleeping a little better. In the early days I used to cat nap during the day and I don't think that helped me. So now I try and resist the temptation to doze during the day. Sometimes it can be difficult but I found that it helps me!

What I have found really useful is keeping a diary/journal, it has helped me identify what has been happening and what I have done to try and alleviate any side effects etc. It also makes interesting reading looking back on the treatment and how it effects me. Each cycle has been quite different in some ways.

All the best with the treatment.


Posted 02 Nov 2017 at 08:08

Its been a week since first treatment and as you have said its getting better. I'm going to ask my doctor to change from Zoladex to Prostap as an injection in the arm is better than in the stomach.Its all fun and games take care all and good luck with your journey. RICHARD

Posted 02 Nov 2017 at 09:29

tony has his zoladex in his backside. lol

Posted 04 Nov 2017 at 20:55

I think in my arm would do for me

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