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Posted 01 Nov 2017 at 02:02

There are increasing ways men can be treated for PCa although the severity and location of tumours can mean some of them are not very suitable, at least as stand alone treatments.

An American site I joined recently included posts from men who had FLA (Focal Laser Ablation).  I intend to look into this as among other features it is said that this procedure can in need be repeated more than any other and recovery time is very short.  It seems to me that the principle on which it is based is very similar to HIFU (High Intensity Focal Ultrasound) except that with FLA a fiber probe is inserted directly into the tumour.  I have not as yet researched whether this form of treatment is available in the UK but it is available in several places in the USA and apparently some other countries.  It looks interesting and it's use is not confined to PCa. These are  links to a treating facility and the latter segment of the video details more of the treatment following information on scans. http://sperlingprostatecenter.com/comparison-focal-laser-ablation-focal-hifu/






Posted 01 Nov 2017 at 16:32

Gordon has reminded me that Clare's husband had FLA, something I did not connect with this treatment in retrospect. It will be interesting to see how this treatment works in the longer term as it appears to have good potential.

Gordon I have replied to your PM but your in box was said to be full.

Posted 01 Nov 2017 at 18:43

Hi Barry,

Indeed he did have exactly this.

Our experience re as described in your link as the “trifecta”:

cancer control

At the 6 month consult in October with our London (BUPA) consultant there is nothing suspicious on the 3T MpMRI scan, just evidence of healing and 'black screen' on what she described as the' important view'. Next PSA in December 2017 and next MpMRI March 2018. Early days of course

urinary continence,

Catheter for 3 days following the procedure, incidence of retention the night following removal, involving self cath ( as taught and equipment provided). Flew home after 10 days no incontinence and straight back to work.

and sexual function.

A was classed as an 'index patients' so no problems prior to the procedure (well the biopsy done here in the UK took him a fair while to recover from, which seems unusual -46 cores taken). At the 6 month point all is normal but tablets have been used up to 5 1/2 months after to ensure complete stability and erection strength. It was a big ablation so the consultant was not surprised as he is still not healed. His orgasm is now dry.

Barry - its also done in the Netherlands (Nijmegen).

We are happy with our decision. We would go back if needed but monitoring is on going.



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