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Recently diagnosed, age 52

Posted 04 November 2017 19:21:27(UTC)


I received my PCa diagnosis 3 weeks ago, I'm now waiting for bone scan and appointment with oncologist. I don’t have any particular questions for the community yet, as I don’t know the extent of the disease or treatment plan, but I’m posting here simply because I have no close friends/family support nearby and I'd like to feel like I'm not the only one going through this. Also, as a grey-haired 52-year old, it’s been a long time since I had an excuse to put myself in a "younger men" category!

No doubt I will have a bunch of questions after I’ve spoken to the oncologist.

Regards, S

TRUS biopsy Oct 2017: Gleason score 8 (4+4) in 2 of 16 cores.
PSA has steadily fallen from 4.9 to 3.1 over the year Aug 2016 - Sep 2017 (average of seven tests ~3.9).
Two MRIs, both unclear.

Posted 04 November 2017 21:36:13(UTC)
Hope you don't mind an oldie saying "Welcome" to the site but sorry that you qualify to join the club. Unfortunately there are an increasing number of younger men on the site but it does mean that you will have the benefit of sharing experiences with them as well as us older guys. There are a lot of wIves and partners who are a mine of information, straight talking and common sense on the site as well.
It will be great to hear from you as your treatment progresses as everyone's experiences are different and so yours will help others.
If there is anything you need to know then ask away as someone will be able to help and you also have access to the nurses on the site.
If you haven't already done so then have a look at the Toolkit Kit which is a mine of information.
All the best

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Posted 04 November 2017 22:04:37(UTC)

Hello from a wife ! OH diagnosed at age 55 and we have had the most amazing advise from people from this web site ,
Until you have all of your results it's hard to comment but the knowledge that all of the members have is amazing,
We are 2 years after diagnosis and after chemo and continuous hormones gary is still working and fighting !
Any info you need just ask and someone will come along to advise ,yes your life may change but you adapt .
Best wishes

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Posted 04 November 2017 22:06:07(UTC)

Hello friend. Click my picture and read my profile. Don’t let it scare you. This is a good site for you to be on although it is sad u have to be here. Loads of help and info. Yes get the toolkit or phone the nurses and ask for paper copies. Good luck and keep in touch ok

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