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Medication abroad

Posted 05 November 2017 04:33:50(UTC)
Hello I hope someone will have a bit of info , we're travelling to Japan next year and a few meds have been flagged up as being banned
E.g. Codeine, Gary is taking Abi and Enzo with a steroid so not sure if they would be allowed.
Has anyone been ,and is there a way to get round this maybe with a doctors certificate ? I'm getting a bit stressed about it and thinking of cancelling .
Been on the consort website but still not to sure .
Thanks in advance
Posted 05 November 2017 14:07:29(UTC)

Would the nurses on this site be able to help or at least point you in the right direction ?

Japanese tourist office or our foreign office?

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Posted 05 November 2017 15:20:27(UTC)

I was always told that one needed to take a copy of their prescriptions as proof that the medication is needed, apart from your GP, you could also email the Japanese Consulate/Embassy.
Hope that helps,

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Posted 05 November 2017 16:09:21(UTC)

The nurse at your GP practice should have access to the website listing what can and can't be taken to which country.

Did you see the very recent case of the woman who took tramadol for her husband to Egypt? She has been arrested and faces the death penalty if convicted!

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Posted 05 November 2017 18:59:03(UTC)

Thanks ,it's because of recent events that's made me read up on it ,didn't even think about it when we booked it

Posted 07 November 2017 17:18:58(UTC)

Just an update for people that might find themselves in similar position ,
I phoned the embassy and they are going to send info by email ,and if the travel is under 1 month in total a lot of meds are ok without authorisation and others if you list them out and send details and dosage they will stamp a certificate to produce at customs .
I think I was freaking myself out as you don't expect simple things like Vicks nasel spray to be on the band list !

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