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Caverject ordering

Posted 05 December 2017 11:33:19(UTC)



Has anyone had any problems ordering Caverject from their GP



Posted 05 December 2017 12:14:01(UTC)

Notorious issues with Caverject supply. You could try Viridal injections which is the same chemical , or see if Invicorp25 is available in your area which is in my opinion a better injection.

If life gives you lemons , then make lemonade
Posted 05 December 2017 12:30:43(UTC)

Hello John, 

In a brief.....Yes! 

I've had all sorts of problems getting any support at all from my GP... fortunately the problem has at long last been resolved after numerous letters to her from my consultant urologist.... 
When eventually she agreed to prescribe me caverject she prescribed just the one!

After mentioning the NICE guidelines to her she eventually agreed to prescribe me 4 a month....on a repeat prescription.. 

Sometimes there is a manufacturing shortage so I do have to shop around to find a pharmacy who has access to it ...or even get it online using my NHS prescrition

There appears to be a lack of basic understanding with my GP as to what support I'm entitled to receive...

To be honest I don't think she even knew what caverject was! 

During the time I was waiting for all this to be sorted I went online and with a simple 'online consultation' I purchased Invicorp privately with no fuss at all...It seems my NHS trust currently doen't use this medication.

I'm finding the Invicorp does not produce the discomfort that I sometimes experience with caverject... but is very effective in my case.. so good news!
Best Wishes

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