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Spacer Insertion & Fiducial Markers

Posted 11 December 2017 18:04:28(UTC)

Tomorrow the preparation starts for the Cyberknife RT, which is due to begin in mid-January. I am going in to hospital tomorrow, under general anaesthetic to have a gel spacer inserted between prostate and rectum, which will reduce impact of radiation on rectum by separating the two. Fiducial markers are to be placed to mark out the prostate for targeting by the Cyberknife.

I am nervous and anxious about the whole process, as this really is the beginning of an irreversible procedure. Having opted for Cyberknife, I have been seen buy both the NHS and private health care specialists and consultants. The consultants for both NHS and private have been outstanding with their bedside manner, approachability and considered responses to my questions. I believe that I will be in highly capable skilled hands as I go through this treatment.

Cycling through Myanmar in November delayed facing up to my realities in London, which included separation after 20 years, the splitting of assets that we worked together to build for our future and our sons, and the PCa treatment, so the last week has felt like crashing into a brick wall. One of the strange things about this whole journey is that I have no symptoms that disrupt my daily life, nor any that inconvenience me in any way. The symptoms I have now, such as being unable to ejaculate and constipation are brought on by medication. The anti-depressant Sertraline, which I have been on since early September and the hormone Bicalutamide, which I started nearly 2 weeks ago. This apparently will help with the RT. I haven't experienced any soreness or tenderness in my breasts, as I read others have experienced. 

On a positive note on this cold grey, snowy and sleet punctuated day in London, the Maggie's Centre at Bart's was formally opened. It will be open from tomorrow. It is glazed with translucent glass, I haven't seen the inside, but it looks to be a treasure.

Pale Rider



Posted 11 December 2017 21:03:51(UTC)
Wishing you all the best for your treatment Pale Rider. It sounds like you are in very capable hands and I wish the gel spacer had been available earlier in the year when I had salvage radiotherapy. Sorry you seem to be dealing with a lot just now in addition to the treatment. But you have made your treatment choice which sounds like a good one so trust that decision and look to your future. Kind regards, Ian.
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Posted 11 December 2017 21:43:37(UTC)

Hi Grant,

Good luck for tomorrow, let us know how you got on.

Cyberknife looks like the Rolls-Royce of RT, with the compensation for any movement. Where are you being treated and how many fractions are you to have. Is it fewer with Cyberknife?

RT is nothing to worry about, the worst bit is the travelling to and from, and having to get the correct fill of the bladder and emptying the bowels.

You won’t feel a thing, it’s completely painless

I remember counting the duration of the beams from the slight noise emitted during exposure and the different position of the beam head as it rotated. Mine: 25 secs with 6 positions. Keeps your brain occupied!

I’m 2 months post RT and envious that you are having a gel spacer as I have some bleeding.

If you think it’s the anti-depressants causing the problems others are available. May be worth discussing with your GP.

Best wishes for tomorrow. G

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Posted 11 December 2017 22:21:25(UTC)

Hope all goes well grant and that Cyberknife does the job for you.

It would be helpful if you detailed your diagnosis and histology under your Profile/Bio so we can see where you started from and your progress as an easy point of reference. Salient information, even if given in threads (or conversations as this charity calls them), tends to get lost over time.

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Posted 07 February 2018 17:59:58(UTC)
Hi. How did the Cyberknife go? And any feedback on SpaceOar and the gold seeds? I'm seeing the oncologist next week and gathering info ahead of that. I assume Cyberknife was private.

I hooe you're well.

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