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Scared of losing my dad - aggressive cancer Gleason 9

Posted 12 December 2017 18:46:28(UTC)
A few weeks ago my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He had no symptoms but had his psa level was 6.5. He had an MRI which has identified a mass in his pelvis and he had a bone scan today with results tomorrow or Thursday. His biopsy showed cancer and his Gleason score is 9. He still feels fine. He’s 70 and we’re all in bits. My children adore him. Especially my two children who have autism. Please share some positive stories as at the moment it all feels so very scary. Any tips to make life easier for my dad when having treatment? They’ve suggested hormone therapy and possibly radiotherapy depending on results of the bone scan.
Posted 12 December 2017 19:44:43(UTC)

Some positive things ...
- 70% of men your dad's age will have prostate cancer although many never realise
- my dad was diagnosed 15 years ago and is now 80 and almost permanently on a holiday or cruise
- the hormones will starve the cancer
- if the scans are okay and they offer radiotherapy, that will be with the intention of cure (more correctly called remission)
- even if it has spread and RT is not offered, the hormones can often control the cancer for years
- a PSA of 6.5 is higher than it should be but not too bad - the highest score on here is 13,000

There are lots of threads from men describing the effects of ht and radiotherapy, or you can click on people's names to read their profile.

"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." Soren Kierkegaard

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Posted 12 December 2017 20:14:02(UTC)
Hi Lyn, thank you. It’s just such a shock. My gran (dad’s Mum) is 91 and had a major stroke and was found after having spent two days on a cold kitchen floor so I suppose I just assumed my dad was untouchable. I’m trying to be positive for him and because I know my mum is very negative. But it all feels scary. Cancer always seems like a death sentence but from what I’ve read prostate cancer is one of the better cancers as it’s slow growing. I hope my dad gets to 80 and is always on a cruise or holiday.
Posted 12 December 2017 23:25:43(UTC)

Hi, I have metastatic prostate cancer, aged 68, PSA 67, Gleason 9. Bone scan showed up areas in right hip and top of spine. Have been on HT since Sept. last year with six cycles of chemotherapy following shortly after. PSA is now undetectable and most of the time I feel great. When I don’t it’s not the disease but the treatment - a small price to pay. I’ll be happy to pass on specific info if I can rather than just write loads of stuff which may not be relevant.


Posted 13 December 2017 00:08:51(UTC)

KitKat, there is a myth out there that prostate cancer is a 'better' one to have but don't be fooled - it is a horrible disease with life changing treatments and side effects. Some are slow growing but G9 tends not to be in that group which is why they want to do the bone scan. HT should slow it down and you will know after a couple of PSA tests whether it is working well.

"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." Soren Kierkegaard

Posted 17 December 2017 23:29:32(UTC)
Hi Kitkat, i was Gleason 9 with psa 1730 when diagnosed 8 years ago at the age of 47. Widespread bone and lymph node mets. I took part in stampede trial receiving chemo, zometa and hormone therapy. My psa dropped dramatically and for a few years was below 1 on hormone therapy alone. I have recently gone through chemo again and am now on Abiraterone. My psa had risen to 99 but now after a few weeks on Abiraterone has fallen to 14. I know your dad is older than me but if he could keep active and eat well along with the hormone therapy i would be hopeful that he will have many years in front of him. Tell him to get the cruise booked. Good luck and God bless.
Posted 18 December 2017 12:20:23(UTC)

Hi again,
To echo Speedy’s comment above about keeping active. That certainly helps. If your dad is fit and healthy now regardless of his age he is likely to be still fit and healthy once treatment is underway. The hormone therapy has left me with constant aching muscles amongst other things, but the more I use them over and above everyday use ie cardio, running & cycling, the better I feel.

I’m guessing the results of the bone scan are though now. How did were they and has he a treatment plan sorted out yet?
All the best


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