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Abiraterone and liver function

Posted 19 December 2017 20:21:26(UTC)
I’m new to the Forum and find it all a bit bewildering! I was diagnosed in May 2017 with cancer widespread through the bones but thankfully nowhere else. Gleason 9. My treatment to date has been Prostap 3 monthly coupled with Abiraterone. After 3 months on the Abi my liver function went pear shaped and I came off for 7 weeks whilst it stabilised. Back on a lower dose it only took 11 days to rise again and I’m currently off it for 3 weeks until bloods on 3rd Jan and then back on an even lower dose. Anyone else had similar problems with the Abi or know what the treatment regime is likely to be if I can’t tolerate the Abi. PSA count hasn’t been registering but started at 126
Posted 20 December 2017 10:42:33(UTC)

Hi Tonyc,
Were you not offered early chemo as an option?

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Posted 20 December 2017 17:15:13(UTC)

As Lyn says, chemo could be an option or they may offer enzalutamide which works similarly to abi but may be tolerated better. I had no problems with abi over three years but have been denied a shot at enza, having gone straight to docetaxel. Not unusual, I gather.


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Posted 21 December 2017 14:56:22(UTC)

Thanks, it was originally planned that I would have chemo but then the STAMPEDE trial results came through which now suggest a better outcome using Abi instead of chemo as first line treatment (not on NHS yet as Abi isnt yet approved for 1st line defence but I'm funded by BUPA)

Posted 21 December 2017 20:22:28(UTC)

Where do you have the bony metastases? Do you have pain?

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