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enlarged prostate - not sure - Enlarged prostate

Posted 24 Dec 2017 at 13:02

I'm 34, male, healthy BMI, and no known conditions, i.e.non diabetic although my father has diabetes type 2 (diagnosed in mid 50s).. I am taking mirtazipine for the last 2 months and have had anxiety/depression on and off for many years. 

The last month or so I've woken up in the early morning (range from 230am - 6am) and had this strange but slight sensation that I need to pee. I awake to find I have it and sometimes I go pee, other times I have not. At times I've been able to fall asleep after peeing so I have the required sleep.  It definitely isn't a strong, intense, desperate urge but rather just a slight awareness if that makes sense. That's why when I do urinate, most of the time not a great deal comes out - around 8-10 ounces which is actually the normal urine produced by the kidneys overnight.  I always make sure I empty my bladder before bed so this urine can only be the urine produced by the kidneys overnight.  I do tend to have tea before bed which I'm trying to cut down on but again I've always had this and never had an issue. 

Flow of urine is normal, no pain, burning etc. AND I've never been more than once. I know nocturia is usually diagnosed for people who go at least twice in the night.  I realise once in the night for a mid 30s man may be normal but when I've never had to wake up before in my life it's a bit frustrating. 

During the day I have no real telling symptoms although on a few occasions I have got the sudden urge to urinate even though I emptied my bladder just prior and no liquid intake AND occasionally I have a slight strain to get rid of all the urine after emptying even though only a few drops come out but that's not necessary.  I'm fine, my usual self at all other times and can go about my normal day.  Possibly a slightly dry mouth the moment I wake but that soon disappears.

I had two urinalysis done both of which came back normal. Doctor also mentioned it could be just anxiety and to monitor my symptoms. I guess worrying about this makes it worse, I know. 

Do you think this is a prostate issue, like enlarged prostate?  I've never had any problems with sleep and never had to wake up to pee before in my life so this is why it's worrying me. 

Posted 24 Dec 2017 at 20:28

Hello Winglets and welcome to the site.

I do wonder if you are overthinking everything and worrying un-necessarily, especially as you have anxiety issues.

For a start, mirtazipine can itself increase urination so that may well explain the extra urge, plus when you are aware of it, the need becomes apparent.

During the day you get on with your life and probably don't think about going off for a pee if you are busy, it's when we are in that half sleep that we think about it and the thought becomes the deed.
You may say to yourself that now you're awake you might as well get up and drain off so that you don't get disturbed later in the night. Constantly thinking about it makes it happen.

I'm sure your GP will have checked you for infection (urinalysis) and I am also sure that he will know if en enlarged prostate is apparent.

Please try not to be unduly concerned.

You are an otherwise fit and healthy young man. Don't waste your youth worrying about whether you have something wrong with your prostate.

If it will put your mind at rest I suppose you could ask your doctor for a PSA test but I think he would be likely to refuse due to your age and no other symptoms. You haven't mentioned any family history apart from dad being diabetic so I assume not.

IT would seem to me that you are actually causing the problem by focussing on it.

Anxiety can make us susceptible to all sorts of thoughts and personally I think it's your anxiety kicking in.

Check up side effects of mirtazipine and I think you'll find that it may be the root of your problem.

Don't let it spoil your Christmas

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Posted 24 Dec 2017 at 22:20

Sounds like bladder retrsining might help - once it becomes a habit, your subconscious takes over and rmbeds the behaviour

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