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Posted 27 December 2017 04:03:40(UTC)
Hi all , best wishes to all on this ever changing journey .
Just recently a woman has been in the media saying that she could "smell cancer ", approx 2 years prior to Gary's diagnosis I too could detect a faint smell on him ,at first it wasn't very strong but over time became more prominent.To begin with I couldn't work out were it was coming from and thought it was his aftershave that had gone off but eventually realised it was on his breath .It was a sweet smell and wasn't there all the time .Garys dental hygiene is very good with only 1 filling in 57 years so it couldn't have been that .Since his treatment has started I no longer smell this scent ,has anyone had similar expieriances?
Also on the topic of smells ,more recently I've noticed a smell which is a stronger smell which is I presume coming from his body ,it's not a stale sweaty smell ( Gary's very clean ! ) but again only occasionally,could it be down to his medication or hot flushes ? Any feed back would be great .
Thank you
Posted 27 December 2017 12:23:29(UTC)

We have a friend who is CEO of a hospice and he says that people with cancer do sometimes have a smell - it came up in conversation because I mentioned that my step-father-in-law had a smell before he was diagnosed which their dog reacted to by lots of licking, and that John sometimes smelt the same between having his RP and the salvage RT. But generally, John has a funny smell when he is getting an infection - as you say, not dirty or sweaty but quite unpleasant.

CEO mate said that the resident cat at one of the other hospices would creep onto the bed of a patient and that told the staff that the person was at the end of their life - apparently that was reported in the national media.

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Posted 27 December 2017 13:32:08(UTC)

Thanks Lynn we can always rely on you for some info ,Gary's not a great cat lover(I am) so I think it would freak us out if I brought one in and it took to him !! Hopefully a few more years left in him yet !

Posted 27 December 2017 20:16:43(UTC)

Whilst some people may be sceptical, I am not at all surprised that the lady referred to in the article is able to detect a certain smell associated with cancer. Some people do have a more sensitive nose for smell than most but animals have this much more so. Think how dogs are able to sniff out explosives and drugs even when these are secreted in packaging or having been given an item from somebody who is being pursued, after a brief sniff are able to remember and track the scent to find the person. How useful it would be for people that are able and dogs that could be trained, to provide early warning of cancer as a recognised aid to diagnosis.

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Posted 03 January 2018 17:22:56(UTC)

On ‘Inside Health’ BBC Radio 4, today, and available on download, link below, featured medical detection dogs and investigation whether dogs sense of smell can be used to detect early cancers.


I remember some time ago hearing on the radio a women whose dog kept sniffing an area of her breast which later was found to be cancerous.

ALSO, the link has downloadable podcasts on;

Prostate Cancer, 3rd Jan 2017

PCa and HIFU 10th Jan 2017

Available indefinitely.


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