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6 days post-op

Posted 11 January 2018 11:41:50(UTC)

Hi,  Thought it was about time I put down a few notes on my experience, post-op highs and lows. I had my op on Friday which was less than a week ago, but seems much longer. I was down in surgery from about 10:30 till 4pm, but don't remember anything after an epidural and holding the mask to my face. I came back to my room feeling pretty high and was told my face looked like Kim Jong Un  due to swelling. Good news the surgeon was pleased re nervr sparing and margins. Had a stent which was a bit tricky, but owing to the skill of the surgeon was resolved.

Family was there when i arrived back  i was very happy to see them. Spent time with them watching Pointless and getting quite a few answers correct! When the family went , i was on my own and then i just couldn't get to sleep. Spent the night watching films and listening to music. As i was warned i had the residual  pain in my shoulders, but the nurse was pleased when i said i had wind. Its probably one of the few times you could be praised for farting.

Best thing was breakfast the next day, even the stewed prunes. I was in my own room which has some advantages, but you do feel isolated with only a call button for the nurses. Attached to a drip, catheter and compression legs, all making a noise during the night. Just gald to see my wife when she arrived for visiting at 10am. Saw the Physio later in the day and he got me up and walking and up and down a flight of stairs, phew! Again another night without sleep, but i did have a lie-in on the Sunday. Discharged that day , and just very gald to be back home again, in my own bed. Had the best sleep in a while.

Since then, its has been a learning experience for my Wife and I. Cactheter care, Ted stockings, showering and just gradually getting better and less dependant. As the colour of my pee changes from Rose to Champagne, I know its getting better. One advantage is i do not have to worry about getting up at night to have a pee. One of the hardest things, my Wife has found is putting on my Ted stockings. At least today i could it virtually independent. Yesterday went for a short walk in the Sun, felt like a big step, excuse the pun.

Anyway, that's probably enough for now , before i have a sleep. Please ask me any questions, I'll try to answer them.

Posted 11 January 2018 14:13:59(UTC)

Glad your recovery is going well.  You'll feel a million times better once you get the catheter out too.


Posted 11 January 2018 14:16:53(UTC)
It sounds as though things are progressing well but remember that this is a significant op so don't do too much to soon. It is quite easy to get a bit carried away when you realise that you feel much better than you thought you would.
Fingers crossed that all will be well once the catheter is removed but just take things a step at a time.
Wishing you well with your recovery and looking forward to your updates

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