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PSA rise what does it mean?

Posted 11 January 2018 14:31:07(UTC)
Disappointing day today PSA doubled to 27 in 4 weeks, 3rd consecutive rise. After a great start on enzalutamide 7 months ago and a very fast reduction to 4 this feels like a set back. CT and bone scans are being booked for 3 weeks time. Hubby already has bone mets in rib and pelvis but feels really well and no pain. Has anyone had a rise in PSA on enzalutomide but no further bone or lymph mets? Is it right to always assume that a rise in PSA means treatment isn’t working? Would appreciate any in put.
Posted 11 January 2018 17:51:23(UTC)

Hello Prettylady

I'm sure somebody will be able to advise you. Just bumping you so you are noticed

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Posted 11 January 2018 17:53:36(UTC)

After seven months, I fear that may be the case, but PSA alone is not a good guide. That is why the scans have been booked. Good Luck


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Posted 11 January 2018 19:16:03(UTC)
Hello Pretty Lady I just wanted to let you know that I’m thinking of you. Unfortunately I don’t have the answer to your question but you may remember posting such a lovely kind message to me recently which I showed my Mum. You are not alone in this situation as we find ourselves quite possibly following the same route as you. It’s so incredibly difficult when we want answers right now. I really feel for you. Waiting and worrying is just horrid and although this is not particularly helpful I just wanted to say hang in there and I’m thinking of you. Sending love and have everything crossed xxx
Posted 13 January 2018 10:57:06(UTC)
Thank you joshan for bumping me, I’m still a bit new to this online chat so never quite sure if I’ve done things correctly! I follow your story along with a few other regulars on here, it’s great to feel you’re not alone.
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Posted 13 January 2018 10:58:39(UTC)
Thanks AC, I suppose we have to balance optimism with not wanting to kid ourselves, good luck to you with your next phase of treatment.
Posted 13 January 2018 11:00:26(UTC)
hi Pen
Thank you so much for your kindness, I follow a lot of the stories on here and you really do feel you are part of a community and not alone. Good luck with your continued journey and keep posting your progress.
Posted 09 February 2018 17:19:05(UTC)
Hi everyone
I am now answering my own question earlier. Hubbys PSA now 95.6 from 27 four weeks ago so big rise. Taken off enzalutamide as clearly no longer working after just 8 months, and a promising start. Bone mets increased to lower spine hip pelvis and more in rib. Looks like it’s radium 223 now as long as ct scan doesn’t show any more lymph activity so 🤞🤞
So has anyone had radium 223? Any advice would be really appreciated. We are both pretty gutted as we had high hopes for a couple of years with Enzo. We should know definitely on the radium by next week. If further spread to lymph then it’s docetaxil ☹️ Steroids to start tomorrow prednisolone so any tips or advice on that would also be very appreciated.
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