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Options 8 years on

Posted 12 January 2018 11:03:00(UTC)

Hi - had a RP back in 2009, margins, lymph nodes etc, everything clear but a PSA of 0.02 which gradually rose to over 1 by 2017. Scans came back clear except for an area in the prostate bed which was treated with radiotherapy in March 2017. PSA has just come back at 18. Guessing I am now looking at HRT and possibly Chemo but would appreciate peoples thoughts on this. Ironically I feel fit and healthy at 56.

Posted 12 January 2018 18:59:07(UTC)

Hello habeaves

Sorry can't help with advice so just bumping you so that somebody may see your post

We can't control the winds - but we can adjust our sails
Posted 12 January 2018 19:07:36(UTC)

Hi habeaves,. It is an odd thing about our affliction - we can often feel really well whilst the malign influence is at work in our bodies. I have noticed the same thing with ladies having breast cancer chemo treatment whilst I have been having docetaxel. I have been struck with how well they look.

I think you are probably right about next steps. You are one of those unlucky blokes whose PCa has got into their circulatory system somehow and established micromets too small to show on scans. They need a systemic approach to zap them for good.

All the best


Posted 15 January 2018 08:20:27(UTC)

Thanks AC, I think I just need to re group in the head as on two separate occasions I thought I had this one sorted so it does knock me for six a bit. I do try not to read too much as to the options and side effects etc as it puts my mind into overtime but fro what I have read there are still lots of things to try to get this sorted for a good few years  Best wishes, John

Posted 15 January 2018 12:35:14(UTC)

Hi Habeaves, I take it you just had the RT without any HT?

I had salvage RT last March/April but was on PROSTAP for 3 months prior to RT and will be on it for two years after  so until April 2019.

My oncologist told me he thinks I have micromets but we won't know any more answers until I come off HT.

I would think that scans would be in order first. MRI and a PET/CT scan would be able to pick up anything going on with a PSA of 18.

Then the MDT/oncologists would decide on an evidence based plan of treatment depending on the results of the scans.

Because you've had RT already as AC has said it will likely be a systemic approach now involving HT and possibly early chemo.

Best wishes, Ian


Posted 16 January 2018 11:31:19(UTC)

Hi Ian, yes you are correct RT without HT. Latest is that I have to repeat my PSA in 3 weeks just to make sure.................!! Already getting lined up for the scans etc after which I will see the Oncologist and decide the next steps but as you say its more than likely to be HT and Chemo. Many thanks for your comments and best wishes, John

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Posted 16 January 2018 20:26:39(UTC)

Hi John, my husband seems to be in a similar position to you. In 2012 it reared its ugly head. After 7 weeks RT then 2 years HT everything seemed fine until his PSA started creeping up the last 6 months. Now after a bone scan there are changes in his pelvis area. He is having a CT scan tomorrow with contrast then an MRI 27th. We are doing the waiting game again and like you he feels well.
Kind regards

Posted 17 January 2018 08:39:13(UTC)

Hi Denise, hope everything goes well for you both, will keep an eye out on the forum to see how you are getting on. Best wishes, John


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