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Chronic Inflammation and Prostate Cancer

Posted 19 May 2014 11:57:41(UTC)

Found an article that was published mid april that's just sort of hitting the social media feeds now about research that confirms a link between chronic inflammation of the prostate and high grade prostate cancer. Men with chronic inflammation have twice the risk of getting cancer as those without inflammation. Also, the link between high grade prostate cancer and inflammation was greater. This therefore would imply that Prostatitis/Enlarged Prostate needs to be up on the list of high risk factors when looking at treatment options. They are saying that chronic inflammation needs to be controlled. However, from my own perspective, I wasn't aware that I had chronic inflammation, not until the pathology report after my prostate was removed. It seems to be a common occurance following prostatectomies that this is found in the subsequent report on the state of the prostate.

This would seem to indicate that people don't get treated for the condition. But does that mean that by the time you know or exhibit symptoms of a chronic inflammation that the cancer will have developed?

Does make me think that this disease is just so complex and the risk factors are many and varied.


Link to the John Hopkins study report http://stofftree.com/HOME/index.php?id_thread=74104 



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Posted 02 June 2014 13:01:05(UTC)

the article is food for thought - pls excuse poor pun & btw does anyone view these new forums threads aymore???

Within six weeks the lump in her neck had disappeared; within a year, she was in remission and remained cancer-free for the next 18 years. Convinced that her diet had helped, she devised the Plant programme – a dairy-free diet, relying largely on plant proteins such as soy – similar, she says, to the traditional diet in rural China.

It was originally intended to help other women with breast cancer and, later, men with prostate cancer. Her book about her experience, Your Life in Your Hands, caused a sensation when it was published in 2000, with many cancer patients claiming it helped them to recover.


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