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My last Summer

Posted 07 June 2014 15:40:42(UTC)
Hi all,
"My last Summer" is a new series on channel 4 highlighting 5 individuals who have been diagnosed as terminal and get together at a manor house to discuss their situations. The 1st of a series of 4 was aired last Wednesday at 10pm. One of the participants has Prostate Cancer. It is not over dramatic and so far shows all the emotions he and the rest go through I urge you all to watch it, if possible from the 1st episode. Very poignant and relevant.
Life is for living
Barry (alias Barrington )
Note I have posted this under "All Topics" ...."Dying from Prostate Cancer"
2nd episode Wednesday 11th June, channel 4 at 10pm......discussing how terminal illness affects those who are left behind
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Posted 07 June 2014 17:32:03(UTC)
I watched the first episode Barry. As you say worth a watch

Posted 07 June 2014 18:44:39(UTC)
Hi Barry
I also watched the documentry as one of the couples were on This Morning Show they were unsure of appearing as they didn't want it to turn out like a sad sob story.
Posted 07 June 2014 19:15:39(UTC)

That was a relief Barry, what a headline?

I thought you knew something that we didn't.  


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Posted 07 June 2014 20:39:48(UTC)

Episode 1 is repeated on 4Seven Freeview channel 47 at 01:05 am Monday morning

Posted 07 June 2014 22:09:04(UTC)

Have to say I saw it advertised and was very wary about watching it in case it opened up too many emotions, I might give it a shot

Posted 07 June 2014 22:15:51(UTC)
Like others I watched it and found it was done very well,
Posted 08 June 2014 09:44:33(UTC)

I also watched it but I have to say that I was not comfortable watching some one else's suffering. That said know I have seen the first episode I am compelled to watch the rest of the series. A bit like watching  a Lassy come Home film I always have to watch to the end.

Would I have tuned in prior to Trevor's dx, yes I would but then I also watch One Born Every minute on the other hand Trevor wouldn't watch either of these programmes either before dx and especially not know.

So perhaps I just have a fascination for life's real moments IE the entering and leaving of this world.

The cynique in me did notice that the programme makers had covered all there bases to appeal to as wider audience as possible. I am hoping this isn't just to boost channel 4's ratings

The black man with prostate cancer , 11 children and no long term partner to care for him.

The middle class lady with breast cancer and marriage problems

The man with lung cancer still puffing away

The Mum coming to terms with leaving her children

All very emotive and done with sensitivity.


Julie X


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Posted 08 June 2014 11:52:39(UTC)
Good post julie
I also would have watched this program and like Trevor Eric wouldn't he would watch Lassie though.
Did you watch the couple on This Morning Program who are taking part in the documentry , to me they were very real to me being honest and open one of the conversations that his wife had struck a cord with me being lonely and when dx terminal some people dont even contact them now others feel he's past the time he had left he must be ok now I can relate to that one also lost his business another tick people avoiding you because they dont know what to say another tick one of my nieghbours I could. sence she was avoiding me lately so I asked her why she said.I dont know what to say to you how about just hello I have not changed I not the type to put my problems on anyone but it does make me sad when people choose to walk on bye without a smile or a nod we are still the same people.
I hope that conversation will be on the program and people watching will understand how lonely this journey is.
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