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Endorectal Coil

Posted 15 Aug 2014 at 02:49

Hi folks,

Not sure where to place this but thought it might be of some general interest so have given it a new subject.

With a slowly rising PSA after RT, I have been offered an MRI scan at The Royal Marsden  with Endorectal Coil which I am told they are pioneering and finding that it much improves what  can be seen in the scan.  I am a little surprised that the junior doctor told me they were pioneering it because this device has been around for some time, particularly in the USA.  I am being offered this because apparently  the consultant thinks that because my PSA is rising slowly some cancer may still be present within my Prostate or close by it.  I did enquire whether this was also being given to men who were being initially diagnosed for PCa and was told that it was. The procedure involves inserting a probe with a balloon in the rectum before having the MRI scan. This is simply summarised here but for anybody wanting more info just Google the subject http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Endorectal_coil_magnetic_resonance_imaging  A very highly regarded consultant there believes it helps reduce the need for biopsies for those on AS.

Has anybody else had the MRI with this device and if so what was the experience like? I expect to find out when I have the scan in October.but foreknowledge would be welcome.


Posted 15 Aug 2014 at 13:01
Not come across this before, which is a pity as if they could do one on me it would finally lay to rest whether I'm a T2C or a 3A.

The sooner stuff like this becomes the norm the better for us chaps.


Posted 27 Aug 2014 at 21:03

Hi Barry - first contact we've had on the new system, and hope your situation is progressing well.

Had never heard about this potential improvement to the MRI scan, but will make a point of raising during next contact with Uros and Oncos.

My no. 4 Saturation Biopsy was a week ago, and with all usual unpleasantness still in progress for a while yet.  Took my total core-count to about 90 so far and there is definite degradation each time - anything which might help defer the next one would be very much appreciated !

Cheers for now /  David


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