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Hormone Therapy really works!

Posted 16 Aug 2014 at 01:28



Just wanted to say that after all the things I've been through in recent weeks, I've had a really good day.


My hormone treatment which I started on the 26th June (28 days Bicalutamide tables with Zoladex
implants starting on the 1st July) when my PSA was 48.8 really seems to be working. Following a blood test on Thursday, my doctor rang me this morning (Friday) to tell me that my test results showed my PSA was now down to 2.35!  I was absolutely delighted and so amazed that my GP had taken the trouble to contact me (on his day off) because he thought I would be pleased to hear the results before the weekend.

I really feel as if I'm making progress now and inspite of a few side effects (hot flushes, very emotional and tiredness) it is all worthwhile.

Bring on the radical radiotherapy in October!


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Posted 16 Aug 2014 at 10:26
Great news Steve.

Glad that you are feeling a bit more positive.

Long may it continue. Once you start the RT you will really feel like you are zapping it!

Rain in Mallorca - just our luck-but not important just enjoying a change of scene.

Keep in touch.


Posted 16 Aug 2014 at 11:15

That's brilliant news Steve.

You must really have a good relationship with your GP(?) for him to ring you and what a kind gesture too.

Don't know if it affects mens' hot flushes in the same way, but evening primrose oil capsules really helped with the female version of hot flushes.

Good luck and Best Wishes


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Posted 16 Aug 2014 at 14:31
Great results so far Steve. ....


Posted 16 Aug 2014 at 14:39

Glad you had these results.  OH was in similar position and his radiotherapy has gone well with few side effects(well worth it!!) 

Posted 16 Aug 2014 at 15:43

Brilliant news Steve. I am really pleased for you. Trevor is trying Sage for the hot fluhes, I will let you know if it works.


Julie X

Posted 16 Aug 2014 at 18:16

Any help/advice with the hot flushes would be good.


My OH is suffering badly in this spell of hotter weather and they are lasting longer than just a flush!



Posted 16 Aug 2014 at 21:23
Great news Steve!

Let's hope this is the first of a series of good news calls you will be getting as time progresses.

All the best and approach your RT with a skip in your step,


Posted 16 Aug 2014 at 23:07
Steve, well done.

I, and a few others on here use Sage Leaf capsules to help control the Hotties, I have been using them for a couple of years now and find they control mine, at least it makes them less severe.


Posted 17 Aug 2014 at 08:40

Thanks Chris, will try these!


Alison x


Posted 18 Aug 2014 at 14:49
Thanks everyone, for your messages. You really make a difference to my life. I have a lovely wife and four children but it's sometimes difficult to talk about my fears with them because I know they would worry and I don't want them to hurt. Thanks to all of you for being there for me.


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Posted 20 Aug 2014 at 14:51
Hi we have just had same sort of results also since June on hormone treatment my o/h psa was 50 , today its 1.9 , so great new here to Steve ! It really gave us a boost x
Posted 20 Aug 2014 at 16:04
Hi Gail, I am hoping that someone has explained the different levels of diagnosis and treatment to you? Although your husband and Nikon Steve are both on HT, Steve is having hormones in preparation for radiotherapy later this year and this is a curative treatment. Your husband may be taking the same or similar hormones to control the cancer rather than cure it.

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