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my first appointment with the Oncoligist

Posted 19 Sep 2014 at 19:32
In Thursday 25/8/14 I will have my first appointment with the Dr, I'll then have my results of my M.R.I.. They'll

then explain about the course of radiotherapy . I'm nervous about any side effects especially as I live on my own.


Posted 20 Sep 2014 at 11:58
Hi Ron,

It sounds like you are still going through the early parts of your dioganosis phase and it's easy to feel overwhlemed with what's going on......being frightened is a natural response and certainly something I went through. I found it really useful to have someone with me when I had meetings with the medical team as there is so much to take on board and so many questions to try and remember. Try to to take it one day at a time and come back to the forum if you have any questions as there are some incredibly knowledgeable people here.


Posted 27 Sep 2014 at 09:18

Hello Ron,


Welcome to the club no-one wants to join!

I had radiotherapy 3 years ago: 37 sessions over 7.5 weeks. It was no real problem, and the staff at the radiotherapy department were very supportive and helpful. I had to drive 20 miles every weekday, but I found it no problem: that said, I know other folks did have have hospital transport arranged for them.

As to the side effects, in my case I did have slight bowel and bladder problems, but nothing I could not cope with.


If you have some time, I suggest you read the long thread on this site called "radiotherapy underway", where a number of us discussed out experiences. Also, if you don't have it already, I suggest you order the Prostate Cancer UK "Toolkit" of the main site: it is very helpful and covers everything in very clear language.

All the best,


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