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HIFU treatments

Posted 29 Sep 2014 at 10:23
Just spotted this....

Too late for me now but I wish I'd had this option available to me so I could investigate before opting for the RLP.

Looks revolutionary for guys lucky enough to be caught early.


What think?


Life's a Marathon. Run in peace.

Posted 02 Oct 2014 at 00:40

Hi Carlos,

I am a somewhat surprised that HIFU is being reported as being a new treatment by some, though like other treatments has been refined. It has not been extensively performed in the UK, largely because of the stance of NICE who for a long time wanted it to be confined to trials as an experimental treatment as far as the NHS was concerned though a relatively small number of patients have been treated privately at the small number of centres here. Another reason why it may not have become so popular could be the attitude of some oncologists. I can give an example of this. When I researched this in 2007 I discussed this and other treatments with my oncologist at The Royal Marsden. I quote from this consultant's letter to my GP copied to me dated 27th November 2007 :- "We had extensive discussions about these today. I gave him my view that HIFU is from the data that I am aware of a less successful and more toxic treatment than standard radiotherapy treatment" He told me that he thought of HIFU as a salvage treatment but would refer me to Mr X at the UCH Hospital in London for an opinion on it as a primary treatment if I wished. However, in view of my consultant's opinion I decided not to pursue it.

HIFU had been available in some countries some 10 years before this but is still regarded as experimental due to lack of long term assessment. http://www.urologyteam.com/hifu-details
This treatment may produce good results in patients that are suitable and it has the advantage that in need it can be repeated.

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Posted 02 Oct 2014 at 09:32

Hi Carlos,

Around the period Barry comments on HIFU was being offered on the NHS at a South Birmingham Hospital, however the plug got pulled very quickly. Possible reasons are results were not as expected and or there was political pressure from both the surgery and radio camps. The latter could have been down to they were trying to up their game at the time and were concerned future funding would be less if HIFU was also on-board. But who knows?

As regards ‘new’, my first thought was as Barry’s or you got hold of an old news article (but I note 2014 at the bottom). Thus perhaps ‘new’ refers to new treatment now being offered by the clinic which as regards attracting customers is better than saying we know offer a treatment circa 7 years old.


Posted 02 Oct 2014 at 09:41
Hi Carlos

As Barry says, it has been around for many years now, and was the treatment I would have preferred, but I was to far advanced for them to try it as they are only trailing this on low gleason, PSA scores, but hope to expand on this at a later date. Unfortunately some hospitals don't mention this as an option, because they don't have the facilities, which is a shame because people like yourself who may have benefited aren't given the choice unless you do the research prior to your decision, but most people trust what they are told by their local hospital as to treatments available for them. Hifu is also now being trailed for bone mets as a curative treatment but is limited by the amount of mets present.


Posted 02 Oct 2014 at 10:35
Hi guys.

It's fantastic that treatment is advancing. Hifu now appears in the PCUK treatment options page, albeit noted as in its early stages with results still to be proven.

Long may trials continue for this & other forms of treatment to avoid the guys of the future suffering as we have & are doing.

I've had time to reflect over the past weeks & would have to say, I wouldnt wish the symptoms im living with post RP on my worst enemy. That said, I'm not sure I could handle the uncertainty of the active monitoring that was offered to me.

I know in the scale of things, ED, urinary problems, dry ejaculatuons etc are nothing & given the choice over life or death, it's a no brainer.

That said, im finding these things frustrating, degrading & losing confidence I hope will return one day.

We made a conscious decision to have a family young so we could look to enjoy & relax in middle age. I've had my head stuck into work big time for the past 28 years & At 44, I feel vulnerable, insecure & sad for my wife who shouldn't be saddled with this either. The kids have grown & gone, my mortgage is paid, I have nice things. We are in a good place & our life plan was to enjoy these years in happiness.

I'm in the early stages, I'll tecover & get stronger mentally I'm sure & I know I'm one of the lucky ones.

Life's a Marathon. Run in peace.

Posted 02 Oct 2014 at 11:11


I was a candidate for this treatment, earlier on this year I had scans and met the consultant surgeon at UCHL who was going to do the business, HIFU has bee around for about 10 years or so

unfortunatly he told my that my cancer was to close to the sphincter muslce and he recommended that I not go for this option, due to the risk of damage to that muscle which could result in being incontinent, I was disappointed at the time but no regrets,

I'm still one of the lucky ones......

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