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Unexpected rise in PSA

Posted 30 Sep 2014 at 21:59

Hi Everyone,

I've just got the PSA results from my latest blood test performed on Thursday (25th Sept) and they show my PSA had risen to 4.14.

Previous tests had resulted in PSA figures of:

13th May: 48.85 (result given to me at diagnosis on 11th June)

17th July: 18.24 (following hormone therapy beginning on 25th June)

14th August:  2.35


Radical Radiotherapy due to begin on 14th October so today's results were the last before then.  Is the rise normal or should I be concerned?



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Posted 30 Sep 2014 at 23:02

Hi Steve

Nobody knows, when you still have a prostate you can get modest rises like that from all sorts of daily activities. So forget it and look forwards to your RT with its chance of a cure.

I enjoyed mine (obviously I would rather not have needed it) it was a generally pleasant daily activity at the end of my working day with time enough in the waiting area to get to know other people and have a good chin wag!

Once you are through it you are in for a 2 year wait to find out how successful it was.

I really hope it goes well for you.

Best Wishes




Posted 30 Sep 2014 at 23:38
Best wishes with the radiotherapy Steve.


Life's a Marathon. Run in peace.

Posted 01 Oct 2014 at 00:13

Thanks Andy,

I'm looking forward to having the RT, I'm sure I'll have a few laughs along the way.  I've been waiting for this time to come since June. 

I'm due to have 19 sessions of 3Gy, so it will all be over a little quicker than most RT treatments.  I suppose the two year wait to see if it's been successful will be the worst time, not knowing.  It seems that's the one thing you have to get used to with PCa, the uncertainty.  I wonder how I will be classified during the post RT phase as I wont be "in remission" because you can't say the cancer is gone at this stage.  I suppose I will be still "undergoing treatment" because of the hormone therapy.

The news of the PSA rise just surprized me a little as I just expected it to fall again from the previous test.

Keep in touch.


Posted 01 Oct 2014 at 00:17

Thanks Carlos,

The Radiotherapy will go fine, I'm sure.  I Just hope the side effects doesn't affect the running too much.

Keep in touch.


Posted 01 Oct 2014 at 13:22

Hi Steve

My Dad had a similar experience with his PSA (take a look at my profile), he was initially having monthly PSA tests as he was on the Stampede trial and at one point just prior to RT, his PSA went from 1.8 up to 2.8 in less than one month.  It did start to reduce after RT however and his latest test in September was <0.1 17 months after finishing RT.  He has a further 18 months or so on HT.  Original diagnosis Gleason 9 T3b. 

best wishes


Posted 01 Oct 2014 at 13:24

how strange, part of my post was cut off, his PSA was less than 0.1 with 18 months left to go on HT

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