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New book - all profits to PCUK

Posted 14 Oct 2014 at 17:44

Hello All.

About three weeks ago I wrote to the Moderators for permission to place a notification and link to my book about our journey with Prostate Cancer.  I have no idea why I have not had a reply, so I have decided to go ahead anyway.  I apologise for the blatant advertising, but without guidance I really can't see a good reason why this post would not be allowed.

The book's title is "Phuket to Everest - Dancing in the Rain" and it is available from here ... lulu.com.  The cost of the book is £13 and over £3 of each copy sold will be donated to Prostate Cancer UK.  It may be of interest to some of you, especially knowing where the profits are heading!  It's not meant to be a literary masterpiece, but an expression of the saga we have endured over the past 3+ years.  I had to wait for all the legal stuff to be out of the way before publishing, but with that now behind us, it was time to get this done.

The preface to the book reads ..

PHUKET to EVEREST - Dancing in the Rain

A devoted wife’s personal diary of every day life since my husband was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer whilst on holiday in Thailand during March 2011 – the negligence of our own GP during the previous six years and my fight to get the justice so much deserved by my husband. It follows his treatments and their side effects, including the sudden onset of life limiting acute heart failure, and much later, the onset of diabetes. Together we have successfully fought our corner against certain medics – had dealings with the GMC – and for the past three years, I have thoroughly researched the disease in an effort to support our litigation case. Incidents and situations have arisen along the way which, had we not been personally affected, would have been considered works of fiction - involving hospitals, drugs, family, police, social workers, hospices, care homes .. to mention but a few.

It's been sad - harrowing - traumatic - but mostly borne with black humour and dogged determination to defy not only this hideous disease, but also the medics who gave us such a poor outlook.  As autumn 2014 looms, my beloved husband continues to fight his unbeatable war, with some successful battles behind him, and with me continually at his side.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Posted 29 Oct 2014 at 09:36

What a brave thing to write, well done.

The book should be an inspiration to others not to give up even when terminal.

Again, well done,


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